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Zalmen Zylbercweig
and his Lexicon of the Yiddish Theatre

Please visit the Museum's online Museum of the Yiddish Theatre .
       Permanent Exhibitions

  Postcards From Home
permanent exhibition
    Eastern European Jewry
permanent exhibition
    From the Pale to the Golden Land:
How Our Families Came to America

permanent exhibition
    Living in America: The Jewish Experience
permanent exhibition

The Yiddish World
permanent exhibition


The Holocaust
permanent exhibition

    World Holocaust Memorials
permanent exhibition


     Education and Research


The Lexicon of the Yiddish Theatre
Yiddish World
  The Cemetery Project
  The Synagogues of New York City
  Genealogy and Family History


Shabbat and the Jewish Holidays


Chanukah lamp (Menorah), Germany, cir 1870


Read about Shabbat and the Jewish Holidays
and How Our Families Experienced These Days

During the First Half of the Twentieth Century
Both in the United States and Pre-War Europe.



Where Once There Were Jews:
Łapy, Poland



The Landjuden of Euskirchen
The Sibilla Schneider Photographic Collection




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Family History Theatre

  Walk in My Shoes
The Yiddish World
The Screening Room
Great Artist Series: Al Jolson
Family Life During the Great Depression





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Gut Essen Delicatessen

   My Family Restaurant
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Yiddish Vinkl Bookstore


Poetry Corner

Education and Research
Newspaper Archive
Help Us Grow

Did you know that the Museum makes available to visitors more than one hundred newspaper articles from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries ? To see what is available, simply click on the Newspaper Archive link above.

Castle Garden
and Ellis Island:
Ports of Immigration

Ellis Island, cir 1902-13

Learn about the early history of
Castle Garden and Ellis Island.


Rites of Passage

Chevra Kadisha carriage, Balassagyarmat, Hungary


Lost Treasures:
Wooden Synagogues of Eastern Europe


Paint What You Remember:
The Memories of Mayer Kirshenblatt


The Museum is pleased to present more than forty short video and vignettes created by Bialystok native Tomek Wisniewski. To see the listing of these films and the links to each of them, please click here.

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