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Concentration Camp Breendonck

Below you can see photographs of the exterior and interior of Breendonck.  next >>

Photographs courtesy of the USHMM.


Breendonck is a small
town in Belgium,
population 3,000,
halfway between
Brussels and Antwerp.

View of the moat and barbed wire fence surrounding the Breendonck concentration camp.

During World War II the
fort was briefly used as the General Headquarters of
 King Leopold III, leading the Belgian armed forces. After
his surrender to the Germans it was transformed into
a concentration camp  by
the Nazis (primarily as a transit camp for transport
to Auschwitz).


View of the corridor holding the isolation cells in the Breendonck concentration camp.

Photo, right: Original caption reads:
"The horizontal bar and the platform were removed by the Germans. The platform has
a trap door in the center which is operated
by the iron handle shown in the picture.
The platform steps and the iron handle
are those used by the Germans."

View of the gallows
in the Breendonck concentration camp.


The Breendonck camp
gained a grim reputation
as a place of torture and interrogation of a wide
variety of prisoners.

View of the prison yard in the
Breendonck concentration camp

Amongst those to be incarcerated there were
the linguist Herman
Liebaers, fencer Jacques Ochs, Communist Party
of Belgium politician
Bert Van Hoorick, and anti-Nazi fascist Paul Hoornaert.

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