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Ravensbrück Concentration Camp Memorial Site

Here one can see the remnants of the Ravensbrück concentration camp.
Below are photographs of the grounds, taken by a visitor in 2005.

Residential area of the SS guards and Aufseherinnen. Camp (interior) with a former telephone exchange and water plant. Barracks on the grounds of the former women's camp.
Camp (external view), with guard house. Site of the former women's camp. Crematorium and road roller.
Crematorium and incinerators. Former SS Commandants, and others, house. Today it serves as a museum. Wall of Nations with a mass grave for 300 prisoners.
Residential house for the SS guards and Unterführer. Memorial "Supporting" by Will Lammert on Schwedtsee. Residential house for the SS guards.

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Photographs from Wikipedia.


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