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The Sibilla Schneider Photographic Collection


The Children of Ignatz and Karoline (née Juelich) Schneider

Albert Schneider


Albert Schneider as a child, taken in the studio of Mathieu Schieffer in Euskirchen, Germany.. Date unknown.


Albert Schneider in dress hat and jacket in a studio photograph, date and location unknown. Albert died in Theresienstadt.


Siblings Albert and Sibilla (Billa) Schneider, at a costume party, date and location unknown.


Albert Schneider

Photo, above: Albert Schneider 3rd from left, with glasses.
Picture postcard sent to his family in Euskirchen from
Münster, Germany. Date unknown.



photo, above: Sibilla (Billa) Schneider, age 17, circa 1922, location unknown.

photo, right: Billa, age 15, with baby Herta Juelich-Boots, 1920.


photo, above: Arnold (Noeldi) and Billa (née Schneider), and their young son Walter, date and location unknown.


Sibilla (Billa) Schneider


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