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The Sibilla Schneider Photographic Collection


The Heumann and Juelich Children


photo, left: Billa and Martha Heumann, who were sisters and a siblings of Siegfried. They were the daughters to Klara (née Juelich) and David Heumann.

photo, above: Herta, daughter of Bernhard and Carolina (née Schieren) Juelich. Date and location unknown. She was the only one of her family who got out in time and survived in England.
photo, right: Selma and Arthur Juelich, Herta's elder siblings. Taken at the Atelier Schieffer in Euskirchen (located behind the Parish church). Date unknown.

Siegfried Heumann


photo: Siegfried Heumann on a motorcycle. He was a son of David Heumann and Klara [née Juelich], brother of Billa and Martha Heumann. He passed away in South Africa in 1960. Date and location of photograph is unknown.
photo: Studio photograph of Siegfried Heumann as a young man. Date and location unknown.
photo: Siegfried Heumann in military uniform, date and location unknown, His first wife was Henrietta Oster from Flamersheim. They both emigrated to Johannesburg in South Africa. She died young from rheumatic fever. They had a son Rolf. and he and his second wife, Flora (née Kahn), had a daughter Evelyn.




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