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Łapy, Poland
Where Once There Were Jews


Church tower in Łapy during the interwar period.
On the far left you can see the mill propelled by wind.

Łapy railroad station during the interwar period.

The church in Łapy in the interwar period.
 Built between 1922 and 1927.

View of the town during the time of German Occupation.

Photograph of Osse, located three kilometers west of Łapy.

Park City in Łapy during the interwar period.

The  administration building used by the Germans
during their Occupation. The mayor (the "amtskomissar")
of the town lived and worked in this building, 1944.

The downtown district of Łapy, 1944

The town of Uhowo, located in the
 countryside near the city of Łapy.

Łapy runs along the River Narew.




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