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Łapy, Poland
Where Once There Were Jews


The first City Council in Łapy, January 1, 1925.

The last City Council during the interwar period in Łapy, 1939.

Organization of the Shooting Club
in Łapy during the interwar period.

The city center of Łapy during the German Occupation.

The ceremonial transfer of machine guns for the
Polish Army in the city population of Łapy, 1939.

Wedding ceremony in Łapy during the interwar period.

The Manifestation of May 3, 1937in Łapy.

Ceremony to commemorate the anniversary
of regaining independence by Poland. Hall,
at the Railway Center in Łapy, 1933.

The Orthodox Church in Łapy that
existed between the years 1906-22.

Mayor Anthony Perkowski and his wife. He held the
position of Mayor in the years 1927 to 1934 in Łapy.




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