The Destruction of the Zabludow Synagogue

"...Only the very old synagogue still stood, the fire didn't touch it. Me and my father, may he rest in peace, are looking, wondering, and imagining -- it's a miracle! It was but an illusion, suddenly the Nazi hooligans, may their name and memory be erased, pulled up in a car. They spilled gasoline around the very old synagogue, and they lit it on fire. . . that is how the very famous Zabludow Synagogue was erased from the earth." -- Phinia Korovski, from the Zabludow Yizkor Book


Kielmy Zabludow Suchowola Wolpa Olkieniski
Kielmy Synagogue
Zabludow Synagogue
Suchowola Synagogue
Wolpa Synagogue
Olkieniki Synaogue












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