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Family Portraits:
The Auerbach Family, 1927

back row, left to right: Steffi (sister) Eda, Herman, Frieda (sister)
    front row. left to right:  Moritz/Morris (father), Cilla (sister), Hannah/Anna (mother), Edith (sister)

Moritz was a photographer and Anna played the violin. They were married when Anna was eighteen. Their first two children, both boys, died not long after their birth. In 1914, Moritz was inducted into the military as World War I broke out.

When the Russians overtook Czernowitz, the townspeople were sent to the interior by train, a journey that lasted eight days. They would spend the remainder of the war in Rochlitz. In 1918, the family returned to Czernowitz and were reunited with Moritz, who subsequently opened a photography studio. After the war, Austria was divided into bits and pieces, and Czernowitz became part of Romania.


Eda was the first-born daughter, and became especially close to her sister Frieda who was born just a few

years after her. Eda, Frieda and Edith all became musicians, Steffi died during World War II, and Cilla

immigrated to the United States after the war. Eda and her future husband Herman met via written correspondence set up by a mutual distant relative, as Herman had immigrated with his family to the United States earlier in the century.


The Auerbach "girls" loved going to the public baths in Czernowitz. There were little cabins for changing clothes, and all the girls used to pile into the cabins together.



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