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Family Portraits:
Osias and Fritz Fein, 1938



These are two photographs of Moritz Fein's daughter, Fritzi Fein, and son, Osias Flocker (He used his mother's maiden name probably because it sounded less Jewish.)

Fritz and Osias were both born in Czernowitz and lived and worked in Vienna. They were sent to the Theresienstadt concentration camp and presumably died there. 

Of the three sisters who remained in Czernowitz, Lina emigrated to the United States well before the Second World War; Rosa was able to get to Romania and then to Israel; Gusta possibly died in Czernowitz.

The photos were sent to Moritz's brother, Fritzi and Osias' uncle Jacob Fein, who had emigrated to New York in the 1880s with his grandmother Rebecca Fein to escape conscription into the Austrian army.



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