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Family Portraits:
Aron Dovid Barak Kantorji, 1920

Aron Dovid Barak Kantorji

Mark C. Cohen talks about his great grandfather, his great grandmother Bertha Ribner Weininger's second husband:

" The occasion was that my grandmother Golda was emigrating to New York to join her older half sister Bessie Weininger. She must have asked them (she and her husband Aron Dovid Barak Kantorji) to have these photos taken of them by which they could be remembered. 

Aron was born in Khotin, Bessarabia cir  1843.  In 1860, when he was seventeen, he received a
draft notice from the Czar's army.  The entire family then fled to Bukovina in the Austrian Empire.
The family were engravers of metal and stone as well as monument makers.  They settled in Storozynetz, where Aron eventually became the mazieve-schleger, the monument maker for the town. He died in 1927, passing the business on to his son-in-law, Schimon Schaeffler, who was married to his daughter Clara by his first wife Leah Heisrigger. "



See Bertha Ribner Weininger, 1920.


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