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Family Portraits:
Bertha Ribner Weininger, 1920



Mark C. Cohen talks about his great grandmother:

" The occasion was that my grandmother Golda was emigrating to New York to join her older half sister Bessie Weininger. She must have asked them (she and her husband Aron Dovid Barak Kantorji) to have these photos taken of them by which they could be remembered. 

Bertha's family, the Weiningers, had a dairy farm in Costestie, outside Czernowitz.  Bertha herself was born about 1860 in Costestie.  She first married a man named Shlomo and had three children with him.  After Shlomo died, she married Aron Dovid around 1899.  They had one child, Gussie, my grandmother. 

Gussie grew up at first on the family farm.  Then, sometime between 1910 and 1914, Bertha and Gussie moved to Czernowitz where Bertha drove a horse and wagon  to make daily milk deliveries.  The family in Costestie put cans of milk on the train, and Bertha and Gussie unloaded them onto the wagon for delivery.  Bertha remained in Czernowitz where she died of natural causes in the Jewish Hospital in December 1941." 


See Aron Dovid Barak Kantorji, 1920.


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