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Town with a Jewish Past: Shpatsirn in Czernowitz

The city of Czernowitz had many fine stores and establishments in which to shop or just browse, and many residents would take strolls (shpatsirn) along the Hauptstrasse, Herrengasse and other store-lined streets in the city. We can also stroll with them, and try to identify what kind of businesses were extant during these times.

The Schaerf Family

Kalman and Tilzia Schaerf Lina and Jacob Schaerf, 1937
They've just walked by a "bonbonerie."
Lina and Jacob Schaerf
on Templegasse in Czernowitz

Lina and Jacob Schaerf walking
along the Ringplatz, Aug 1935.
The store of Saul Leib Steinmetz
is in the background. It appears the
word about the name is "carnatarie," which may indicate the store sold sausages.There is also a sign
underneath the Steinmetz sign for
"Lozuri," and what seems
to have been a state lottery.
Lina and Ruth Schaerf, 1943 Schaerf family, 1943
Schaerf family, 1943
Lina and Ruth Schaerf, 1943

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