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Town with a Jewish Past: Shpatsirn in Czernowitz

The city of Czernowitz had many fine stores and establishments in which to shop or just browse, and many residents would take strolls (shpatsirn) along the Hauptstrasse, Herrengasse and other store-lined streets in the city.

Andrew Halmay with his nanny
on Herrengasse,
November 1932.

Andrew Halmay with his nanny
on the town in a "fiacre"
"Film-Foto Splendid"
Erica Grunberg (lt) with best friend
 Erika Brettschneider. Erika was
shot by the Nazis during the war.
Erica (rt) with her younger cousin
Anny on Herrengasse, cir 1937
Netka Gelband and her
cousin Rachelle Peretz.
Netka, whose husband Max
had a shoe store on Hauptstrasse.
Dr. Arnold Landau and
his niece Francis Robinson,
on Herrengasse, cir 1936.
"Film-Foto Splendid"
Jenny Goldberger (left)
in Czernowitz
cir 1930s
Edith Neuberger and
Doberman named Bobbi.
"Film-Foto Splendid."
cir mid 1930s
Eric Neuberger
in Czernowitz
10 Mar 1935
Cornel Fleming (center) with his
parents, Czernowitz, 1939
Cornel Fleming (center) with his
mother and stepfather, cir 1940s

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