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The Early Years
Parents of David Pinski
Pinski's Early Years

Berlin, 1897
Travels to Europe, 1909
The Histadrut Seder
Grine Felder
The Seventieth Jubilee
Pinski In Israel
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Great Artists: David Pinski, Yiddish Playwright

The Early Years: The Pinski Family

During the summer of 1909, David Pinski, his wife Adele (nee Koiffmann), and their two sons Henry and Gabriel (not pictured here), left New York City for a trip to Europe, here making a stop in Halensee, Berlin, Germany.

Their younger son Gabriel ("Gabri") was six months old at the time this photograph was taken. Sadly, Gabri passed away from polio in 1916 at the age of seven and one-half in Long Branch, New Jersey. It was in Long Branch that the Pinskis spent many of their summers.

The Pinski Family in Europe
Halensee, Germany

June 1909

The photograph was part of a postcard sent to Mordechai Spektor, who at the time was in "Warschau, Russian Poland," i.e. what we know today as Warszawa, Poland.

Mordechai Spektor was David Pinski's editor during Pinski's time in Warszawa. Hodel (Adele), the sister of Spektor's wife, became Pinski's wife in 1897. For a few years before emigrating to New York, in December 1899, the Pinskis lived in Berlin where their first son Henry (who was given the name Heinrich Heine) was born in 1898.


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