The Life of Nina Finkelstein


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After the War...


Landsberg, Germany
Winter 1946

"After she was liberated by the Russians, Nina said that she was interrogated by them because they thought that any one who had survived must have been a collaborator. Following this, I believe that Nina went to Moscow with a team of gymnasts.
She was an accomplished gymnast and had participated in the Maccabiah Games in 1939 in Helsinki.

 Nina had a friend in the ghetto who had given her daughter, Judith, to a neighbour as she was being taken away to the ghetto. After liberation, this woman survived but was unable to find her daughter. One day when they were walking in the market, the woman saw a blanket that looked like the one that her baby had been wrapped in when she gave her away.

 The woman asked the vendor where he had found the coat. Eventually she was able to trace the coat that was made from the blanket, and she found her daughter. This is how she found Judith, who had been given away several times because it was very dangerous for the people keeping her. Judith was found in a convent, and for some time after used to cross herself.

 In 1945, Nina managed to escape the Russians by fleeing across Poland disguised as a peasant woman. She understood Polish quite well, but for obvious reasons was told not to speak. In Germany she spent time around Munich in some of the camps in the area. She didnít talk about this very much, but her photos tell the story."

-Jo Ann Goldwater





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