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Devenishker Verein of Greater New York
Elmont, New York
Section E, Block 8
The society was organized on 7 October 1903.
The memorial was erected by the Devenishker Verein landsleit and Ladies Auxiliary.


Joseph L. Levey
Solomon Levine
Meyer Bolinsky
Milton Kartzmer
Philip Hurowitz
B. Bertan


"We stand here like mourners in 'Shloshim,' with our eyes  full of tears, chanting 'Kadish' for the 'Kiddushim."

"May the Lord remember the souls of the jews of Devenishok--men, women, and children who met their death by violent cruelty for the sanctification of the name of G-d. May their souls be bound up in the bond of life, eternally together with the souls of all the righteous in paradise. Amen."




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