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Independent Shochare Tov Anshe Pinsk
East Brunswick, New Jersey


"In memory of our dear martyred brothers and sisters of Pinsk who perished
for their faith and their people at the hands of the wicked, 1941-1945."
"May their souls be bound in the bond of life."





"For These Do I Weep My Eyes Give Forth Tears":
(English names only; see above thumbnail photos for names inscribed in Hebrew)

Father Leizer
Mother Malke
Brother Moshe M. and family
Uncle Lepe and family
Lebe, Leibl Rodels
Btzalel Wagner
Family Gleibman
Fridka Gleibman
Shoshana Gleibman
Lieberman family
Brothers and Sister
Yudel, Izchok, Chana

Babel Lutzky
H. Silberfarb and family
D. Shereshefsky and family
S. Berkowits and family
Ruchocki family
Abraham and wife Freida
Doba Eisenberg and sons
Sonia and L. Bodankin
and daughter Aviva
A. Chaim Daum-Warsaw
In memory of Philip and Mary Lutzky
All Martyrs of Pohast Zagordski

Pin Fur Club; S.C. Pin Fur Workers
In Memory of the Pinsker Martyrs

Hebrew Names Inscribed on Memorial:

Eliyahu Shapiro
Bashe Shapiro
Sarah Shapiro
Yehoshua Shapiro
Moshe Shapiro
Efrayim Moshe Lutzky
Avraham Denenberg
Eliezer Pasternak
Avraham Shuchman
Hinda Leah Shuchman
Aba Shuchman
Ester Shuchman
Chaya Ruchel Shuchman
Mina Shuchman
Sruka? Shuchman
Leon Shuchman
Michael Tantzman and family
Raizel, Binyamin Futerman
Chashe, Yitzchak Gamzu
Levi Steinman
Malka Steinman
Devorah Steinman
Peshe Steinman
Shimon Steinman
Eli Steinman
Eisenberg Shimon and Yenta, their children and grandchildren
Sheindel Miller and her sons
Family of L. Weinstein
Aharon, Doba Plotnik
Shalom Glatzer
Feige Leah Feldman
Hershl Leib Feldman and family
Moshe Nisan ben Dovid Cohen
Dolinka Family
Binyamin, Toibel, Chava, Leah
Nechama Perlman and her sons
Yoel Yashpa and family
Yosef Kuznetz and his family
Hershl Yashpa and family
Shalom Feldman and family
Velvel Friedman
Toibe Gitel Friedman
Chaya Friedman
Gershon Friedman
Mordechai Friedman
Breindel Friedman
Chasha Friedman
Sonia Antopolsky
Avraham Shmuel Kolodny
Ester Miriam Kolodny
 Nechemia Kolodny
Feigel Golden
Family Dobacha ?
Mendel, Sara, Beila, Braina
Ester Gandman and family
Mordechai Meshel and family
Family Giller-Vradkevich
Family of the brothers Boruch and Moshe Glauberman
Eliezer and his wife Chaya Dina
Their daughter Pessel and her husband the Rabbi
Yosef Neiditz and their five children
Their son Nathanel and his wife
Feigel and their two children
Their son Yakov and his wife
Freidel and their three children
Their daughter Freidl and her husband
Mordechai and their three children
Michal and their two children
Their son Reuven and their daughter Sima
Family of Ester Glauberman-Skornik from Warsaw
Her father Itzchak ben Shlomo
Her mother Feiga bat Chaim
Her sister Ruth, her husband Israel, and their son Munio Grinberg


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