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Wishnewitz Bros. Benevolent Society/Ladies Auxiliary
Flushing, New York
Block 76D , Gate 1


"This monument stands as a grim reminder of the Nazi brutality and cruelty
inflicted upon our bretherer of Wishnowitz Volyn in the year of 1943.
Their sacred memory is deeply enshrined in our hearts."

"In eternal remembrance: This memorial monument is  for the martyrs of 
Wishnewitz  Volyn who were killed for the sanctification of G-d's name at the hands
of the Nazis and the Ukranians. May their names be erased during the days of the destruction and ravage  in the year 1943. May the Almighty avenge their spilt blood."

"The Day of Yahrzeit is set for the eve of Rosh Hashonoh."



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