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Three Generations: A family reunion at Passover festival--
Seder at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Schwartfarbs and Forsts,
commemorating Jewish emancipation
from bondage 3,000 years ago, 1943.

Mr. & Mrs. Morris Turk observing the Seder with their children and other members of their family, 1934.

The spirit of friendliness is characteristic of Passover. Here
is a Seder at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Penzak with three sons, a daughter and several German refugees, 1942.

Set for the Seder-- A Passover scene at the
home of Mr. & Mrs. L. Zucker of the Bronx, 1936.

 Seder scene at the home of a New York family,
Mr. & Mrs. Gresack, who conducted the ceremony; Sheila Weitzman, granddaughter; Mrs. Jennie Siskind, mother of Mrs. Gresack, the latter's daughter, Mrs. Sid Goldberger. Standing: Seymour Sidorsky & Mrs. Rose Sidorsky, relative of the Gresacks; daughter Mary, Bob Center (a friend), Mrs. Weizman & Ben Weitzman, daughters-in-law and Mr. Bernard Goldberger; another son-in-law of the Gresack couple, with his daughter, Linda, 1941.


A Passover feat at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Berkowitz, 1934.


Mr. & Mrs. Brecker of the Bronx, New York, observing the Seder with their seven sons, 1936.

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Photographs courtesy of The Yiddish Forward.

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