The Jews of Latvia
Wall of Remembrance

The Mozeson Family
Riga, Latvia
cir late 1930s


Lilly Mozeson

mother Lily Mozeson
Stashik (Stanley) Mozeson

father Stanley (Stashik) Mozeson
Rolf Mozeson

son Rolf Mozeson

"My grandfather Stashik Mozeson was born in 1883 and grew up in Warsaw, Poland, the son of a well-to-do merchant. He moved to Riga, Latvia, with his wife and youngest son in 1928. They lived at Vilandes 14, apartment 1.

My grandmother, Lilly Mozeson née Nathanson (born in Riga in 1889) was standing in a food line outside of a grocery store and was shot down in the street by a Latvian Nationalist during the civil anarchy in July 1941, after the Russians had retreated from Riga and before the Nazis established formal control.

 My grandfather and his son Rolf (b. 1923), who had just graduated from the 19th Secondary School (Rauchvarger Gymnasium) on 21 June 1941, moved to the Riga Ghetto in October of 1941. They both survived the Large Getto Aktions of November 29th and December 7th, 1941 and were relocated to the Small Ghetto. However, my grandfather suffered a nervous breakdown during the winter or early spring of 1942, was taken to the Old Jewish Cemetery and shot.

Rolf became active in the Ghetto Underground movement. He lived at Liela Kalna # 56-21 in the Small Ghetto. His name is found on a work detail list from the Olaine Turf factory, dated April 28, 1943. He was then twenty years old at the time. He was arrested by the Gestapo for his involvement in the Ghetto Resistance movement, probably in the round-ups of June 1943, and placed within the Riga Prison. He was able to make contact with relatives outside of the Ghettoin with the help of a cooperative Guard, in order to let them know where he was. There is no further information on him. It is assumed that he died some time between late summer 1943 and late fall, 1944, when the Russians liberated Riga. There is an unconfirmed story that he died when the Nazis dynamited the prison that he was in as they retreated from Riga." -- George Mason (Mozeson)








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