The Lower East Side of New York
Jewish Life in America

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"Move On"
a 1903 film clip of the Lower East Side



Note: This short film is viewable only by  using a Windows platform, i.e. the Internet Explorer browser.
The film cannot be played using other browsers such as Firefox or Safari. If you cannot view the film here, please click here . There you might be able to play it using a variety of formats offered to you.

To play the short film clip here, simply just click on the arrow in the center of the above frame.


You can read more than two dozen articles published in various New York City newspapers between 1887 and 1906, that deal with life, especially Jewish life, on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. You can peruse the entire Museum's Newspaper Archive listings at


Welcome to the Lower East Side!

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Film clip, entitled "Move On"  and dated 1903, appears here courtesy of the Internet Archive at .







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