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Letters from Szczuczyn
Letter 3:

 23 June 1937
Letter with no envelope

Written by Yedidi (David) Sosnowski, the husband of Zelda's sister Rivka, Szczuczyn

Dear brother and sister-in-law and children,

Thank you for your letter, which I received today. Your father has just been here and told me that he just posted a letter to you. Obviously I let him read your letter and suggested that he writes another page, which  I will include in the envelope that I shall post to you.

We are grateful to God that you managed to leave our "Golden State". May we be spared from what has been happening since Saturday in Chenstochov. It was a lot worse than in Brisk. The small township and the area around Chenstochov suffered the same fate. May God have mercy on  the Jewish people and let it end. [he is referring to pogroms]

I believe that  we too are coming closer to a decision. Father [Lejzor Sosnowski] can see what is happening all around and is fearful for his life and possessions. Eventually we will write to you and ask you  to help. We will go anywhere, as long as we can get out  of here.

There is no other news. We are very depressed and afraid of  "the sound of a fallen  leaf." [this quote is rendered in perfect Hebrew] We are envious of you that you managed to leave all that behind. May God help you to find happiness there [in Australia]. You certainly did not err by leaving and you should be confident you have made the right decision. Hopefully we may be able to recall these times in a state of  repose.

Your sister-in-law Gutka [nee Rozental] and her husband [Szmul Szmuklarewicz] were struck down  on Saturday night. It is good to know who they really are. They are alive and have not cleared life's hurdles. Let that be your last worry from Poland. We will see who will finish up better, they here, or you there in a free country full of promise. [there's no way of knowing exactly what this is about]

I would continue writing but it is getting late to post this letter. I'm on my own - my parents are in Bialystok. As you know, people are dropping in and this has prevented me from writing earlier.

Be healthy and happy,


Your parents and friends send their regards. If possible please write to us during the journey.

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