Coney Island Notebook


Today's Coney Island

A Report by Museum Founder and Director Steven Lasky
on the event of his visit there on 4 June 2013

Photographs Taken From the Boardwalk
(Just click on any of the thumbnail photos to see larger images)



The Parachute Jump -- it's
inactive now, but they're still
giving it a fresh coat of paint!


An entrance to the ride
area off the Boardwalk


View of the Boardwalk,
facing west


Entrance to the
Coney Island Aquarium


View of the beach and pier -- the pier still being repaired, so it's closed for now -- supposed to be open for July 4th. Let's hope!


Nathan's has been around
for a long time --
 but it still doles out a good hotdog and French fries!


The new Mexican restaurant
on the Boardwalk


One of the many signs telling us what the nearest cross-street is  -- includes a map of the Boardwalk and what is where....

Tom's Coney Island


Boardwalk, eating establishments on the left

photo right: view of the Soaring Eagle ride in Luna Park


Brooklyn Beach Shop


Ruby's Bar and Grill




Lola Star's Gift Shop

World famous Nathan's
(Boardwalk location)...
Get ya hot dogs here!!

Grab a seat at a table there, chow down while looking at all that surrounds you!



Deno's Wonder Wheel

A new carousel -- horses
galore, turning, turning.....


View from the Boardwalk
of the rides area


An entrance to Luna Park



Map of Luna Park


Ticket booth in Luna Park.
Only eight credits (dollars)
for a ride on the Cyclone!!


And you thought only
Disneyland had a
teacups ride!


Yeah, you'll get me on this one!


This swings you
around in circles!!

Distant view of the world-famous wooden roller coaster, the Cyclone!


Closer view of the Cyclone.
Lots of fun!!!



View of the Boardwalk



Another view of the Boardwalk


View of the Oceanfront condos, closest to Brighton Beach (only from $500s to more than $2 million) -- it's a steal!



There are a few Russian cafés (e.g. Tatiana, Volna) at the Brighton Beach section of the Boardwalk. You can try Chicken Kiev and have a borscht salad!


Tatiana (there's also the nearby Tatiana Grill)


The Volna Cafe-Restaurant

The Boardwalk is named the "Riegelmann Boardwalk"


Another mention of the location you're at, along with yet another map of the boardwalk, etc.


View of the "El" (overhead subway), just a block or two from the Boardwalk


View of the Boardwalk,
looking westward, Parachute Jump in the background


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