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Castle Garden and Ellis Island:
Ports of Immigration


Table of Contents

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Castle Garden (Aquarium) and Battery Park Castle Garden: Introduction.
The Battery and the old Castle Garden in 1900 About Castle Garden.

An article from the archives of the Sun, a New York newspaper, dated  May 8, 1887.
Historic Castle Garden.

Did you know that P. T. Barnum brought songstress Jenny Lind to America and that she first sang at Castle Garden in 1850? Learn about the long history of Castle Garden.

This article appeared in the Sun, a New York City newspaper on February 23, 1890.
The Grand Opening of Ellis Island, 1891.

Here is an article that appeared in the Sunday edition of the New-York Daily Tribune on Dec. 27, 1891.
The Ellis Island Fire of 1897.

The first immigration station on Ellis Island was made of wood, and consequently, when there was a fire there, most every building burned down.

This article appeared in the New-York Tribune on Jun 15, 1897, the day of the fire.
The Ellis Island Immigration Station Reopens, 1900.

Here is an article that appeared in the New-York Daily Tribune on December 17, 1900, the day the immigration station at Ellis Island reopened.
The construction of the hospital at Ellis Island, 1900. The Hospital at Ellis Island.

The first Ellis Island "general" hospital opened in 1902 and had one hundred and twenty beds, which later grew to two hundred and seventy-five beds. Within this hospital there existed four operating rooms, a delivery room, and a morgue....
View of Ellis Island buildings and two ferries. Where Immigrants Land: The Hopper for Sifting Human Souls, 1902.

Here is an article that appeared in the New-York Tribune as part of their Illustrated Supplement on Mar. 23, 1902. An interesting read.
Entering the New World: When the Immigrants Land, 1904.

This is an interesting article, in part, because it illustrates examples of the experiences of both the immigrant as well as the Ellis Island inspectors, as the prospective immigrant passed through the Island's inspection process.

Immigrant Children on the Roof Playground at Ellis Island. A Rooftop Playground for the Children, 1904.

Here is an article that appeared in the Illustrated Supplement of the New-York Tribune on Aug. 28, 1904.
Immigrants at Ellis Island, Waiting for the Verdict. Despair Fills the Heart of the Rejected Immigrant, 1905.

This is an article filled with sad stories about immigrants who for various reasons were sent back to Europe to the port from which they began their trans-Atlantic journey. This article appeared in the New-York Daily Tribune on June 4, 1905.
The Undesirable Immigrant as Defined by an Expert, 1909.

William Williams was appointed at two different times to the position of Commissioner of Immigration at Ellis Island. He was outspoken about the question of immigration.

Here Williams, in a Oct. 3, 1909 interview, is being asked by a reporter for the New-York Daily Tribune, about the immigration process, etc.

The Inspection Process.



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