The Rabbis and their Prayer Houses
The Ozarow Family Torah

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October 1930

    "As my father Berish Goldblum (Benjamin Gold) prepared to leave Ozarow, Poland to go to Canada, where he would marry his fiancée Sarah Rifka Brandel Szafir, he went to say goodbye to his future father-in-law Moishe Aaron Szafir. Moishe Aaron was not only a baker, he was also the Shamis in the Ozarower Shule. He was known as Moishe'le Shamis.

    Moishe Aaron gave his future son-in-law the family Torah to take to Canada. He made it very clear that this Torah must never be sold with one exception --only if money was required for his daughter's wedding.

    My father arrived in Canada at the end of October, and on December 25, 1930 the wedding of my parents took place at the Adas Israel Anshe Sfard Shule in Hamilton, Ontario.

    The Torah was never sold and has been used almost every Monday and Thursday ever since at the Adas Israel Synagogue.


     Until 1968 my father carried this Torah each year at the Kol Nidre Services. Since his death in 1968, I have carried on the tradition. My grandson Joel Meyerson has now started to follow in the family tradition.

      To the best of my knowledge, no other Torah originally from Ozarow, Poland exist today. Someday in the future I hope to travel to Israel with my grandson and take the Torah to the "ESH DAT," i.e. the Ozerov Torah Center & Rabbinical Seminary in Bnei Brak."

---Moishe Gold, Ozarow descendant

Ożarów 3
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