Alter Pisarek of Łódź, Poland


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First-Hand Account


Read Alter Pisarek's story, as told to the Museum for its exhibition, "Walk in my Shoes: Collected Memories of the Holocaust," by clicking here.

What was it like to be a Jew in Lodz?

"No problem. It was the same thing to be a Jew in Brooklyn, the same thing. We didn't feel much anti-Semitism because we lived in a Jewish section. Lodz had a very big Jewish population.

One time I did get harassed. I was about twelve or thirteen; I think it was in 1936 or 1937. I was going to my aunt's wedding, and I had to go to a children's tailor to get measured. My father (a tailor) either didn't make children's clothing or was too busy. The children's tailor was in a Polish section of the city. So I went to get measured for the suit. I think I had to go twice to get measured. All of a sudden, three goyim jumped on me and they tried to beat me. I defended myself. But one almost scratched my eye out. And they ran away, the Poles. I went home. My cousin--he's now in Canada--and my dad said, 'Come, show me what happened.' I said, 'Dad, they ran away. It's no use to go there now. You won't find them.' So I almost got a licking from my dad because he didn't think I defended myself. I think I still have a scratch on my eye somewhere..."


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