Shiku Smilovic of Mukacheve, Ukraine


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First-Hand Account


From Shiku Smilovic's autobiographical memoir, "Buchenwald 56466":

May 1944:
"We were herded like animals into the cattle cars with beatings of whips if you were slow. Young or old, it didn't matter one bit. The SS were now well-represented. Mr. Eichmann in person was standing by, grinning like a drunken butcher at a slaughter house. About 200 people were crammed into each cattle car; a total of 20 cars were loaded, about 4,000 people to the slaughter. The train finally started moving and we passed our old neighborhood. It was late in May; the beautiful trees were in full bloom; the weather was sunny and beautiful. Father standing at the little window called out. Come here and see your old neighborhood, who knows if we will ever see it again.

We all rushed over and took turns to look out and see our childhood playgrounds, where we had so much fun not so long ago. The train traveled very slow and stops at each station for hours; the adults were discussing the route we are taking..."








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