Arthur Rosenthal from Miskolc, Hungary


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First-Hand Account


From the testimony of Arthur Rosenthal from Miskolc, Hungary, who was liberated while imprisoned with his brother at the concentration camp of Gunskirchen, a sub-camp of Mauthausen:

"We were very much on the last leg of our breath. We just didn't think we were going to be able to survive...We really practically gave up hope, and one day--I think it was on May 5, 1945--when a loudspeaker announced that we were free. So that was, needless to say, a very joyous occasion. I don't really think that we--particularly me--were able to comprehend what it meant. I think in my joy I just gave up what was an energy in me to live.

I don't remember anything. I think I--with the knowledge that we were free--I probably fell asleep or became unconscious from being exhausted. I woke up and....

My brother woke me or he was there, and he said, 'Arthur, we're free. Wake up!
You know, I was outside. We have no more S.S....we have no more barbed wire....we have no dogs.... There's food. I brought you food.'

We ate and ate. We couldn't satisfy ourselves. We ate and ate..."









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