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The American Jewish Committee Interview, 1974
A Tour of South America and Europe


According to the New York Public Library, which houses the entire oral history collection of the American Jewish Committee:

"The New York Public Library's Dorot Jewish Division's American Jewish Committee Oral History Collection is the outcome of the 'grandparent' of Jewish oral history projects. The Division holds the only complete compilation of transcripts and recordings from this 25-year project that began in the 1960s. The collection contains interviews with 2,250 individuals--comprising approximately 1oo,000 pages of transcripts and 6,000 hours of audiotapes. The American Jewish Committee interviewed individuals from all walks of life, thereby compiling a collection of oral histories documenting the Jewish experience in America."

One of these interviews was conducted with the great Yiddish actress Celia Adler over a two-day period in October 1974. It was then part of the William E. Wiener Oral History Library of the American Jewish Committee.

With the permission of the AJC, the Museum of the Yiddish Theatre eagerly makes twenty-five excerpts of this interview available to you here (more than an hour-and-a-half's worth in all), so that you may hear here, from the lips of our dear Celia Adler, about her life, both on a personal and professional level.

Many of the anecdotes that appear here are detailed in greater depth within her written autobiography, "The Celia Adler Story," which is also made available to you here within this exhibition, translated into English from its original Yiddish. You may like to listen to each of the excerpts before reading the two volumes of her story.


Celia and her new husband, Jacob Cone, went on a tour of Argentina, London, Paris, Poland, and perhaps other countries. Below are excerpts from the interview conducted by the AJC, where Celia recalls her time there.


Segment 19: Celia Adler in Buenos Aires, Argentina



Segment 20: In Buenos Aires, the Tin Theatre and the Crying Dog....



Segment 21: Celia and Jacob Cone in Bucharest, Romania


Segment 22: Celia and Jacob Cone in Paris



Segment 23: Celia and Esther Rachel Kaminska in Warsaw



Segment 24: Celia sees the Vilna Troupe in Bucharest, Buloff,
and an Offer to Play "The Doll's House" in Yiddish


Segment 25: Celia and Jacob Return to America,
to New York, Chicago, Peretz Hirshbein and Clifford Odets....

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