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The first auditions for candidates who want to become members of the Yiddish Actors' Union will take place this coming Tuesday afternoon in the building of the union. The following actors will undergo auditions: Dina Halpern, Chana Grossberg, Ola Shlifko, Rebecca Richman, Wolfe Barzell and Menasha Oppenheim.

The union has decided to give auditions to the following new candidates: Zelda Bernardi, Rosetta Yaeger, Stella Schulman, I. Arco, Max Bozyk and Rose Bozyk.



Last Wednesday [February 10] in the Yiddish Actors' Union there was held the fourth series of auditions that are given to new candidates who want to be professional union actors. At the auditions six candidates made their exams, five actors and a prompter, and they were all taken into the union. A seventh candidate--Edmund Zayenda--was not able to make an audition because he was away in the army, and he was accepted into the union without an audition.

Among the candidates who made the week's auditions were--there was a mother with a daughter--Anna Dubrovinsky and her daughter Esther Dubrow. Both made it through their exams successfully.

At the auditions Mrs. Dubrovinsky performed a scene from Freiman's play, "Gypsy Love." Esther Dubrow performed a scene from the play, "Should People Have Children?"

Itzhak Arco, who is playing the season at the Hopkinson Theatre, has made his audition with a scene from "Itche Meyer from Kentucky," the play that was staged i the theatre this season.

Isaac Rothblum made his audition with the role of the holy tailor from the play, "Kidush hashem."

At her audition Freidele Lifshitz, a young girl, performed a scene from "A Child for Sale," and she also sang a song.

Hyman Feinstein made it through his audition as a prompter, and he already was a prompter for actors who didn't know their roles.


by B. Levitin

published in the Yiddish Forward newspaper on February 19, 1943
translated by Steven Lasky

Well-known comic Max Bozyk, Judith Abarbanel and Malvina Rappel
among the candidates who have had success through their auditions.

The fourth series of auditions, which were given last Wednesday for the actors who had made their applications to become members of the Yiddish [Hebrew] Actors' Union, evoked a significant interest among the members of the acting profession because, among those of the candidates who had made an audition one could find several prominent actors who had made their mark in the better Yiddish theatre.

Saying that, actors who were truly talented and had love for the better Yiddish theatres, selected for their auditions scenes and monologues from the better plays of talented dramatists. The greatest portion of candidates who had made an audition last Wednesday [February 17] had chosen dramatic scenes and situations, and the selections were mostly parts from literary plays that lately seem quite rare on the Yiddish stage; also scenes from the melodrama types, which often are missing lately from the Yiddish theatre. The auditions of several candidates were so fine, and the acting was so filled with talent, that they provided a true genius. The large audience, almost all professional actors, greatly enjoyed themselves.

The best audition was made by the well-known comic Max Bozyk. He performed in the role of Lazar Badkhan, in Jacob Gordin's famous drama, "God, Man and Devil." This particular role in the past had been performed by the famous comics Mogulesko, Katzman and Tornberg. Last Wednesday Max Bozyk made his audition in the same role, and he played it with such mastery that he excited the entire audience. It was a true pleasure to see him on stage.

Mr. Bozyk began his acting career in Warsaw. He had for a time acted in Argentina. Within two years he was brought from Argentina to New York by the well-known actor and theatre manager Herman Yablokoff. He had seen Bozyk's acting, and he happily engaged him for one of his two theatres, which Yablokoff had managed during the last years in New York. Mr. Bozyk came here with his wife, who is also a talented actress. She also made an audition last Wednesday, and they both were taken into the union. They were an important gain for the Yiddish theatre.

In her audition Mrs. Bozyk played a scene from a Soviet play with the name, "Der urteyl (The Verdict)," in which there was portrayed the struggle among the Russian Army during the first years of the Soviet revolution. She made a fine impression with her acting, and she received strong applause.

A very fine audition was made by the well-known young actress Judith Abarbanel. She played a scene from I.J. Singer's famous play, "Yoshe Kalb." She performed in the role of Malkele. When "Yoshe Kalb" was staged by the  Yiddish Art Theatre, Judith played the role of Serele, the young rabbi's wife.

Judith Abarbanel is not a new face in the Yiddish theatre. She is a talented actress; in her acting one can note the school of the art theatre. It is a wonder that she has not, until now, become a member of the Actors' Union.

A fine audition was also made by Malvina Rappel. She played the role of Hindel from the play, "The God of Vengeance." After she sung a song. Mrs. Rappel came here a few years ago with the "Polish Bande." Here she performed in various theatres. Now she underwent her audition and became a member of the Yiddish Actors' Union.

Among the other candidates who made an audition last Wednesday were Rosetta Yaeger, Malvina Samuylow and Morris Tarlowsky. Rosetta Yaeger played a dramatic scene from "Every Woman's Desire." Malvina Samuylow played a scene from "Love and Passion," and Morris Tarlowsky chose a scene from the melodrama, "Bought and Paid For."

The last three candidates were not new actors. They already have played for a long time on the Yiddish stage in the provincial theatres.

All seven candidates who made their auditions last Wednesday were taken into the Yiddish Actors' Union.



published in the Yiddish Forward newspaper on February 26, 1943
translated by Steven Lasky

The chain of those taken into the Actors' Union was interrupted last Wednesday by the fifth series of this year's auditions, when only five of the eight candidates who had taken exams were taken into the union, and three candidates were rejected.

As to the auditions, as it was, a large audience came. Among the candidates who made auditions were several well-known actors who had already played for a long time in Yiddish theatre, and they performed with concerts and literary evenings.

The following actors made auditions and were admitted into the union:

Vera Rosanko (known under the name of "The Yiddish Shikse") a scene from the play, "Men Without Eyes."

Stella Schulman played the role of Yentele Piskevate, from the play, "God Bless America."

Michal Gibson made his audition with a scene from "Yoshe kalb," in the role of the Nevisher Rabbi.

Gertie Shargel at her audition performed as Geneshe, from the play, "The Second Wedding." She also sang a song.

Abe Zweig performed as Uriel Mazik, from "God, Man and Devil."

All five are now union actors and are recognized members of the acting profession.

The three who were rejected were:

Leonard Whiteman, Sarah Kindman [wife of Jacob Mestel], and Sam Isaacowitz.



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