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Maurice Schwartz and the Yiddish Art Theatre

Production Scenes

Here are some two and three person scenes from other plays the troupe performed in.

Maurice Schwartz and Anna Appel
in "Mrs. Warren's Profession"
by George Bernard Shaw
YAT  Premiere 1918

Chana Teitelbaum
and Lazar Freed in
"The Saint's Journey"
by Harry Sackler
YAT Premiere 1926

Bertha Gersten,
Elihu Tenenholtz
and Anna Appel in
"Moishe the Fiddler"
by J. Chernyavsky
YAT Premiere 1920



Wolf Goldfaden and Maurice Schwartz
in  Abraham Goldfaden's
"The Two Kuni Lemels"
YAT Premiere 1924


Celia Adler, Anna Appel
and Maurice Schwartz
in J. Rosenfeld's
"The  Competition"
YAT Premiere 1922

'The Golden Chain"
by I.L. Peretz
with Maurice Schwartz
and Bertha Gersten
YAT Premiere 1920

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