from the office of Oliver E. Sayler, Inc., for the Yiddish Art Theatre.

      June 30, 1929


With a unity of purpose which has not allowed itself to be side-tracked from its original course in the eleven years of its existence, the Yiddish Art Theatre under the leadership of its founder and director, Maurice Schwartz, has achieved such a success with its production of Sholem Aleichem's "Tevya, the Dairyman," that this alone would have been worth the struggle for artistic existence. This group of players, which will present "Tevya, the Dairyman" at the Ivanhoe Theatre, Sunday evening, June 30th, has steadfastly refused to waver in its original purpose and this in spite of the continual attempts of commercial producers to lead them into the more remunerative commercial channels.

But Mr. Schwartz has a nobler purpose before him than the mere holding of shekels. He founded his theatre eleven years ago with a little company of actors eager to play universal classics in the Yiddish language and has steadily been offering the public the world's finest plays in a repertory, which is now comprised of nearly one hundred productions. He is making not only a distinct contribution to the Yiddish drama, but is headed towards a revivification of the power of the stage. He does not join the round table of producers who bewail the seeming current trend towards increased indifference. Instead he appeals to the imagination of he public by offering them unique performances. His productions have deeply impressed New York critics and have received equal credit in other cities.

Through the pursuance of a theory that public interest in the drama could be reawakened, Mr. Schwartz has constantly engaged master craftsmen in the various phases of the theatre. His revolving stage in New York, the only active one which New York City boasts, makes it possible for him to present plays which the average producer would be forced to neglect. The capacity of his present houses boldly assert the fact that the public has grown up with the company, that they have come to need this type of entertainment. Mr. Schwartz is rapidly gaining the confidence and understanding of theatre lovers throughout the nation.





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