Actors FROM Yoshe Kalb
Premiered at the YAT in October 1932



Top: Left to right: The Dayen of Bialygorer (Gustav Shacht), Mechele Hivnever (Noah Nachbush), The Redheaded Beggar (Pinchas Sherman), and The Dinenberger Rabbi (Anatole Winogradoff.)   The Nieshever Rabbi
portrayed by
Maurice Schwartz
("Yoshe Kalb")
portrayed by
Lazar Freed
  Top: Left to right: Konon (Isadore Cashier) and Konon's daughter Zivyah (Helen Zelinska.)

ottom: Left to right: Serele (Judith Abarbanel) and Gitel, the wife of the Nyeveshe Rabbi (Anna Appel.)

          Bottom: Top row, left to right: Two poor men (Uri Kaner? and Isaac Sverdloff), Israel Avigdor (Morris Silberkasten), Nyeveshe Rabbi (Maurice Schwartz), Motye Godol (Wolf Goldfaden), and the three Young Men (Joseph Schwartzberg, Eli Mintz, and Saul Fruchter.

Bottom row, left to right: The Nyeveshe Chasid (Michael Rosenberg), The Katerinchik? (Michael Gibson),
The Krakow Rabbi (Isaac Rothblum), ...(Louis Weisberg), and the Lizshaner Rabbi (Morris Strassberg.)

From the New York Times, October 3, 1932:

"Portrayed in twenty-eight rapidly moving vignettes, “Yoshe Kalb” encompasses many moods and colors. There is an old woman’s dance in celebration of the wedding full of serene dignity; a scene in a poor man’s synagogue racy and earthy; a scene in which the old rabbi is rejected conveys genuine pathos. The large cast is uniformly capable and thoroughly immerses itself in the material and spirit of the play. Maurice Schwartz as the old rabbi gives one of the best performances he has rendered in several seasons. Anna Appel, ritual bath attendant and ‘barber’—she shaves the heads of the brides—is a powerful figure of earth. Helen Zelinska as an idiot reveals a vigor hitherto dormant in her. Michael Rosenberg is a rambunctious fellow vital to his toes, and Isadore Casher and Lazar Freed acquit themselves more than creditably.”

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