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Goldie Eisman and Marty Baratz

There were many men and women of the Yiddish stage who married each other. Many of them followed the same path to the stage as the other, and thus their stage careers often mimicked each other's.

Here are many photos, both personal and professional, of Goldie Eisman and her husband Marty Baratz, as well as those of Edyth (one of Goldie's sisters) and Isadore Richman, both also involved with the Yiddish stage.

If you can identify anyone not already identified in any of the photographs below, please contact the museum at . Specify the parenthesized photo number indicated below, as well as the exact location within the photo of the person who you are identifying. Also if you can identify the play that is portrayed in the photo, or if you know the date or location of the play or otherwise, please indicate this too.


The inscription reads: "For Mother and Dad, All Our Love, Your Marty & Goldie."
date unknown
photographer: Matthews, Chicago


Matthews, Chicago



Goldie Eisman (2 thru 4)



photographer: Winters, N. Y.



Marty Baratz (5 thru 8)

(9) Marty & Goldie

(10) Goldie Eisman


(11) Marty & Goldie

(12) Marty & Goldie
Ivan Busatt)

(13) Goldie Eisman, 1931

(14) Marty & Goldie with Menasha Skulnik, in "Senor Hershl", which opened at the Yiddish Folks Theatre in NY in December 1936.

(15) Edyth, back row,
on the right. Chorus girls? And if so, from what play?

(16) Edyth is the third woman in from the right

(17) Edyth, third from the left

(photographer: D. H. Simon)

(18) Goldie is the one
holding the bucket

 D. H. Simon)

(19) Edith 6th in from the right and Goldie in strapless dress in the front

(photographer: D. H. Simon)


 (photographer: Rappoport Studios [blue imprint])

(21) Edith is the nurse on typewriter and Goldie is the nurse on the left

(22) Cast member photo for "The Little Bandit", Hopkinston Theatre, Brooklyn, which opened in October 1934.

(photographer: Dowdish, Brooklyn, NY)


(23) Edyth 6th in
from the right

Rappoport Studios)


Rappoport Studios)

(25) Goldie in the middle

Rappoport Studios)

(26) I think Marty & Goldie with Joseph Rumshinsky

(bk: Seiden/Judea Films)

(27) Backing from
film photo; cf. (26)


Goldie is in the back row on the left; Mime and Devora in the middle;
Edyth is in the front row, on the right. The other two are Mime Devora's daughters.


Goldie is on the left

(30) Edyth Richman

(31) Edyth & Isadore Richman

(32) Telegram to Edyth and Isadore Richman from M. Skulnick,
dated January 6, 1938. Play unknown.

(33) Telegram to Isadore Richman by YTA President 
Abe Sincoff, and Secretary Charles Cohan. Play unknown.


(L. to R.) Devorah & David Eisman, ? Katz, Goldie Eisman (in the back with the hat on - the young girl - she was twelve yrs old here!), Uncle Melech Katz (the large man), behind him is Bubbie Rosie Katz, and beside her is her brother-in-law & sister, Regina who moved to England.

Goldie Eisman is on the far left. Max Wilner is in the center. The scene is from "In gortn fun libe (In the Garden of Love)", which opened at New York's National Theatre on 3 December 1926.  I'm not sure of the other identifications -- perhaps the second woman from the left is Betty Jacobs; perhaps her husband Jacob Jacobs is the man with the boxing gloves on. Lastly, the woman on the far right may be Yetta Zwerling. Photographer: Rappoport Studios, New York.

Photograph from the Museum of the City of New York.




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