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Adam Mesko

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Born in 1864 in Inikst, Kovno Gubernia, Lita (Lithuania). Father -- a pious man, a heymisher mechanic from a mill. Until the age of nineteen he learned in cheders and Beit HaMedrashim in the town and in the communities. As a response to the "greater world", he fled to Vilna, where he learned for a year in Rameiles' kloyz, a year in a Novogrod Beit HaMedrash, then went way to Koenigsberg, where he learned for six months in a local school and immigrated to London, where he learned for nine months in an English school, a year with a Hebrew teacher, and he then became a buyer of flour and yeast.

M. became a member in the National party "Krimh" and debuted with an article in their Yiddish journal "The National Voice". In 1887 he published songs in the journal "Di tsukunft". Here he also met with the local Yiddish actors and took to writing plays. His first play "Di yidishe kalogistn in palestine, a national drama with songs in four acts" (music by A. Z. Yarikhovski) was in 1890 staged in Weincourt Hall (with Max Rosenthal, Jacob and Sonia Katsman, Fanny Vaksman, JosephGoldstein and Adolf Kempner) in a benefit performance for "Kadimah".

1892 -- immigrated to America, and in 1893 in New York's Roumanian Opera House there was staged his "Dos kin in vald, a melodrama in four acts" (with Rudolf Marks, S. Tobias, Avraham Yitzhak and Berta Tantsman, and Mary Wilensky).

In 1895 in the Atlantic Garden, there was staged M.'s "The Vampire, a melodrama in three acts" (with Jacob Goldstein, Sam Lohnfeld, Harry Miller and Mae Simon), and in the Thalia Theatre his adaptation of "Troubador" (with David Kessler, Regina Prager, Lazar Goldstein, William Conrad and S. Tobias).

In 1896 in Philadelphia's Arch Street Theatre, there was staged M.'s play "Malke Shvo" with music by Eliyohu Zalmen Yarikhovski, and in New York's Thalia Theatre his translation of the operetta "Tsigayner baron" (with David Kessler, Regina Prager, Lazer Goldstein, William Conrad and Paulina Edelstein).


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Adapted from the original Yiddish text found within the  "Lexicon of the Yiddish Theatre" by Zalmen Zylbercweig, Volume 2, page 1375.

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