Lives in the Yiddish Theatre


Molly Picon


Molly was born in New York, America.

As a child she moved to Philadelphia with her parents.

Her father (who came from Warsaw, Poland) was a jacket worker, her mother (descended from Kiev Gubernia, Ukraine) was a seamstress, sewed clothing for Yiddish actresses, and later became a wardrobe mistress in Yiddish theatre.

Due to poverty at home, the younger daughter, Helen, used to act in children's roles in Yiddish theatre, and at the age of five, P. also began to act in children's roles in Yiddish theatre, later also in the English vaudeville theatres.

She debuted with success in English with the then-popular English song "Ikh hob mura alayntsu gayn baynakht" in a vaudeville show, P. [then] was engaged to a German troupe, where she performed in English in the role "Tapsey" in [Harriet] Beecher Stowe's "Uncle Tom's Cabin".

Then she began to receive larger children's roles in Yiddish theatre.

However, by the time P. completed public school and entered high school, she had to give it up [school] due to her performing constantly in the theatre.


At the age of fourteen, they gave her the role of an older mother with Jacob P. Adler as her son, and she aufn act derfirt tsu a tumult in the theatre. At times then she also had larger, dramatic young roles, acting with Blank, Lobel and Max Rosenthal.

Later she made a tour as a dancer and sang with an English vaudeville troupe and met in Chicago for the first time Jacob Kalich, whom she read for in order to switch to being a full actress in the Yiddish theatre, but Molly tossed it away.

She returned from the tour, performing in English in the “Orpheum” Theatre in Boston, then in English vaudeville in the “Arch Street” Theatre in Philadelphia, but due to the flumgh, the English theatres closed, and P. became a frequent visitor to the Yiddish theatre. Jacob Kalich, who then (in 1918-1919), together with Dina Feinman, was the manager of the “Grand Opera House” in Boston, engaged P. for the troupe, where she performed together with Julius Adler, in Strindberg’s “Father” and as “Rivka’le” in Asch’s “God of Vengeance”, as well as in the soubrette role in Lateiner’s “The Jewish Heart”.

For the second season (1919-1920) she performed there in the main role of “Das zise meydl” for Anshel Schorr, and during the guest appearance of Misha and Lucy German, performing in the role of “Yingele (Little Boy)” in Thomashefsky’s “The Polish Jew”, in which she made a strong impression with the song “Oy, vet der rebbe mikh shmaysn”.

In 1919 she married Jacob Kalich and went with him in November 1920 to Europe, and following P.’s success in the role of the “Little Boy” in “The Polish Jew”, Kalich wrote a play in which he transformed the minor figure of the “little boy” into a main figure, and she staged it (November 1920) with “tsunoyfgeshlepter” music, and P. in the title role, in the Paris Théâtre de l'Ancre (Director N. Blumenthal), under the name “Yankele gayt in shul arayn” (the future famous operetta “Yankele”, which under the name “Yankele, an operetta in three acts, adapted by M. L., published in 1923 in Warsaw, 62 pp., 16°). Here P. also acted in the role of “Yehudis” in Isidore Lillian’s “The Stepchild of the World”.

In March 1921 P. guest-starred with her husband in “Yankele” in the Vienna “Yiddish Stage” (on Tabarstrasse), May 1921 in Krakow, the same month in Lodz’s “Razmaytashtshi” (“Yankele” and “Das zise meydl”), and in July 1921 they returned to Vienna, where they played on the “Rolland Stage” (Praterstrasse) “The Stepchild of the World”, and in August they performed in a concert in “Kamershpile fun deitshn falks teater” for the benefit of the poor Viennese children. During the same month both performed in a concert in Carlsbad (during the twelfth Zionist Congress), then moving about on a concert tour across the Czech Republic and Moravia (Prague, Brin, Merish Astrau and the small towns), and she returned again back to Vienna, where P. performed as “Susie Bren”.


photo, right: Molly Picon as "Yankele".

In January 1922 they again traveled on a concert tour across Czechoslovakia, and on 18 January 1922 they returned to Lodz, Poland, where P. performed as “Tsipke feyer” in the “Skala Theatre”. On 3 March 1922 she performed as “Yankele” in Warsaw’s “Kaminski Theatre” and then she traveled across the larger cities of Poland (Vilna, Bialystok, Grodno et al) with a concert program, and then she arrived in Vienna, where she participated in the silent film “East and West” (in America it was called “Mazel Tov”), under the direction of Sidney Goldin, playing the “American meydl”. From there she went with her husband to Romania, where anti-Semitic unrest broke out in the theatre in Bucharest during their productions. Cutting short the productions here, they traveled across Romania (Galatz, Iasi, Czernowitz, Raman, Baku, Braila, Focsani et al), where P. performed in “Hapsasa”, “A moyd mit sekhel”, and arriving anerkenungs-albumen for “Farband of Shtudirnde un diplamirte yidn in Rumanye”, and oysagramen from the Romanian Minister of Arts, banu, from Oysern-Minister Duke, and from the Inern-minister Vaytevanu.

From Romania they traveled to Paris and London, where they performed in concerts, and in November 5,1923 they returned to America.

Here they participated at Thanksgiving in a concert in Boston, and on 24 December 1923 they performed in Kalich’s new adaptation of “Yankele” (Music by Joseph Rumshinsky) in New York’s “Second Avenue Theatre” (manager Joseph Edelstein), where P. made a great appearance in the Yiddish theatre world, and she remained a star of the theatre under the direction of Jacob Kalich, and under the musical direction of Joseph Rumshinsky. She ended the season with the new adaptation of L. Freiman and S. H. Kon’s “Tsipke”.

During the 1924-1925 season she performed in Jacob Kalich’s musical play “Shmendrik’s Wedding”, according to Goldfaden (music by Rumshinsky and Goldfaden), in Jacob Kalich’s montage of Goldfaden’s and Shomer’s plays, under the name “The First and Second Haman”, and in Joseph Lateiner’s “Das tsigayner-meydl”.

In 1925-26 she acted in Anshel Schorr’s “Molly Dolly”, and in N. Rakov’s “Katinka”. On 13 April 1926 she performed as “Shaykele” in “The Rabbi’s Melody” by Gershom Bader (music by Joseph Rumshinsky), and in the 1926-1927 season, she performed in A. Nager’s “Der kleyner mazek (The Little Devil)”, Meyer Schwartz’s “Mamele”, and M. Osherowitz’s “Tsarevitch Fyodor”.

Going over to the “Second Avenue” Theatre, together with Kalich, Rumshinsky, Pasternak, Seiger and Parnes, she acted in 1927-1928 in Chone Gottesfeld’s “Raizele”, Harry Kalmanowitz’s “Oy, iz dos a meydl”, and Joseph Lateiner’s “Mazel-Bracha”.

In 1928-1929 she acted as the sister in Shomer’s “The Circus Girl”, Shayne Rukhl Semkoff’s “Hello, Molly”, and in Jacob Kalich’s musical revue, “Second Avenue Follies”.

In the summer of 1929 P. performed in the large English vaudeville and movie houses in English songs of a Yiddish character.

In 1929-1930 she acted in L. Freiman’s “The Radio Girl”, William Siegel’s “The Jolly Orphan”, and Joseph Lateiner’s and William Siegel’s “Di komediantke (The Little Clown)”.

In the 1930-1931 season, she went over to the “Folks Theatre”, where she performed in Harry Kalmanowitz’s and Jacob Kalich’s “Di meydl fun amol (The Girl of Yesterday)”, and in Benjamin Ressler’s “Ganev’ishe libe (The Love Thief)”.

All the plays afterwards gevaylekhn theatre season acted with P. across the American province, and also in Canada.


In the summer of 1931 she made a concert tour across the United States, then she went to Carlsbad, where she performed during the Zionist Congress, with a concert in Yiddish in the municipal theatre, later in a large concert tour across Romania, and then she returned to Austria and Czechoslovakia. On 28 November 1931 she performed in “Mamele” in the Vienna “Birger Theatre”, in December 1931 and January 1932 in Paris (also in the vaudeville “Alhambra” in French), and then she traveled to Argentina, where she guest-starred from May until September 1932 in Buenos Aires, then with concerts across the larger Argentinean cities, and in Montevideo (Uruguay). In the winter of 1932 she again went on a concert tour across the United States.

At the beginning of 1933 P. traveled to the Land of Israel, where she gave intimate concerts in English and Yiddish in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem et al (and emk). From there she went to the Soviet Union, where she performed in Leningrad in an intimate concert, then also across the larger cities of Poland.

She returned to America, where P. performed on 12 December 1933 in English, in Brooklyn’s “Majestic Theatre”, in the title role of “Birdie”, a comedy by Kenneth Webb, based on a play by Claiborne Faster, music by Abe Ellstein, stage directed by Montey Wooley.

In the spring of 1934 she acted in her Yiddish theatre repertoire with a troupe across the American province.

photo, left: Molly Picon as "Mamele".

For the 1934-1935 season P. returned to the Yiddish stage and performed in New York’s “Second Avenue Theatre” (manager Michael Saks) in the title role of “Di kale loyft”, a musical comedy from Osip Dymov, music by Joseph Rumshinsky, direction by Jacob Kalich; “Eyns un a rechts (One in a Million)”, “Das zise meydl” by Anshel Schorr, adapted by William Siegel (Jacob Kalich), music by Abe Ellstein, staged by Jacob Kalich. On 28 November 1934 she staged via a “shriftzetser-avnt” Sholem Aleichem’s “Motel Peissi, the Cantor’s Kid” (first part, dramatized by M. Edelheit), music by Abe Ellstein, direction by Jacob Kalich, and she acted in “Vas meydles tuen? (What Girls Do?)” by William Siegel, music by A. Olshanetsky, staged by Jacob Kalich.

Since then, P. has given more concerts in the United States, performing often in the large American movie houses, nightclubs, vaudeville houses and in the large radio stations with long series’ fragments, first in Yiddish, and later in English.

In 1936 she gave concerts in Europe and filmed in Poland in Yiddish the sound film “Yidl mitn fidl”, screen play by Konrad Tom, songs by Itzik Manger, music by Abe Ellstein, directed by Joseph Green and Jan Nowina-Przybylski, produced by the Green Film Society in Warsaw, Poland, which soon was shown there, then in December 1936 also in America.

In the spring of 1937 P. traveled to South Africa, where she performed with concerts in English, and also in Yiddish.

She returned to America where she was engaged in New York’s “Public Theatre” (manager William Rolland), where she performed in the title role in “My Malkele” by William Siegel, music by Abe Ellstein, staged by Jacob Kalich, and “Bublitsky”, by William Siegel, music by Abe Ellstein, staged by Jacob Kalich.

After the season she traveled to Poland, where she filmed the sound-film “Mamele”, a play by Meyer Schwartz, screen play by Konrad Tom, music by Abe Ellstein, artistic direction by Jacob Kalich, produced by the Green Film Company in Warsaw, which was soon shown in Poland, and in December 1938 also in New York.

Further on P. made a concert tour, and in April 1940 she performed in English in New York’s “Longacre Theatre” in the play “Morning Star” [written] by Sylvia Regan.

On 21 April 1942 P. performed in Philadelphia in Jacob Kalich’s “Oy, iz das a lebn!”, music by Joseph Rumshinsky, staged by the author. The play thereof was performed during the 1942-1943 season in the “Molly Picon” (Jolson) Theatre in New York, and then across various theatres in New York, and further across the province.

Between 1943 and 1945, P. performed with concerts in Yiddish and English vaudeville houses, and in 1944-1945 she gave the same concerts in ten military kemps and camps, hospitals and convalescent homes.

Having various opportunities, P. also performed in other roles (such as “Libele” in Goldfaden’s “The Two Kuni Lemls” during festive performances, together with Maurice Schwartz and Samuel Goldenburg as the “Kuni Lemls” et al).

P. also played the main roles in English short (“shorts”) Warner Brothers sound films, e.g. “A Little Girl with Big Ideas”, directed by Bryant Fal (?) (editor’s note: IMDB states director was Joseph Henabery), and “The Working Girl” and “East Side Symphony”, both directed by Ray Webb (all with music by Mendoza).

She also wrote more of the songs, which she sung in the plays and in her concerts.

Several times P. composed a long series “Mayn vinkele” in “Tog”, and “Molly Picon’s Vinkele” in “Der amerikaner”, and often wrote about her trips across the world in “Tog”.

Besides a special souvenir book in English, which was put out in 1942, in 1945 she published under the direction of Zalmen Zylbercweig and Jacob Mestel, a special Molly Picon volume (7) of the “Teater heftn”, which contained her biography and bibliography, many personal images of her from her roles, some collections of previously published reviews and specially written articles by M. Osherowitz, M. Bozyk, N. Buchwald, J. Botoshansky, Ch. Gottesfeld, R. Guskin, Z. Vaynper, Z. Zylbercweig, Dr. Y. Sh. Yuris, H. Lang, Der Lebediker, Joseph Mendelson, Jacob Mestel, Moishe Nadir, William Siegel, Sheyna Rukhl Semkoff, Sholem Perlmutter, Louis Freiman, Elkhanan Zeitlin, Jacob Kalich, H. Kalmanowitz, Samuel H. Kon, Joseph Rumshinsky, Benjamin Ressler, Rose and Miriam Shomer and Meyer Schwartz, as well as several English articles.

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