Lives in the Yiddish Theatre


Tsile Urich
(Khaya Tsile Feder)


Born on 22 December 1887 in Lemberg, Eastern Galicia. Parents -- small dealers. At the age of seventeen, she began to act with "amateurs", with whom she acted for a year's time.

Zelig Liebgold, the business director of the Tanentsap troupe, was looking for a soubrette for the "amateur circles", and he engaged A. with the permission of her parents. She debuted on the professional stage as "Rivka Spodek" in "The Two Kuni Lemels" in Podhajce, Galicia, from where she wandered around with the troupe, and in 1907-8 she went over to Moshe Richter's itinerant troupe, later she acted for several months with Ebel, Akselrad in Czernowitz and in the province, with Aschkenazy in Iasi, and on the "Yidish bine" (Director Edelhofer), further in Galicia with Tanentsap, and when B. Hart received a concession, she traveled with him for five years across the Galician province.

During the First World War she acted for a season in Czernowitz with Akselrad, from there she flew back to Vienna, where she acted in Ziegler's troupe until the start of 1918. Then she went back to Krakow, where she acted over two years under the direction of Moses Jacob, sand again a season with Hart in Lemberg, six years with Emil Gimpel, traveling across the province with Hart's troupe, and in 1929 in Vienna with Yungvirt.

In Autumn 1929 she arrived in America, and in November 1929 she performed once in the Second Avenue Theatre in Lateiner's "Dos yidishe harts (The Jewish Heart)".


Then she acted, due to union conditions, non-union troupes, and after staying for three years in America, she returned to Galicia where she continued to be part of those troupes.

Jonas Turkow remarked that U. had a sister in New York, who at times also was active in Yiddish theatre. She is the mother of the future fine actress Fraydele Lifshitz. A. had an opportunity to remain in America. She had, however, been  deeply drawn to a home of her own child Pepi (Perele), the future actress, who then married actor Jacob Mandelblit. During the Nazi rule in Lemberg, there was huge poverty throughout the streets, hunger broke out and opgeshlisn and spent the nights in cellars, until she, along with her husband Sami Urich, were captured by the Germans, and in the beginning of 1943 they were killed.

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Adapted from the original Yiddish text found within the  "Lexicon of the Yiddish Theatre" by Zalmen Zylbercweig, Volume 5, page 3716.
You can see Tsile's original biography in Volume 1.

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