Lives in the Yiddish Theatre


Zakharia Zakharov

Younger brother of Avraham Gachanski. His father was a furniture maker.

Motl Saktsier writes:

"He was not a simple carpenter. He was a furniture maker, and furthermore a carpenter with a mania.... the mania of an artist. If the slightest thing would cause his hands to move, the spirit o the talent remained, which he had carried within him. The creations, bikher shrenk, the credenza was a true antique. With the mirrors in them, he used to polish them, polish them with blossoms, with the sickly grapes, with leopards that were given human forms, and with remarkable creatures-- half-fish and half-woman. He used to go down into the cellar to his hublime and doletklekh, it was difficult for him to aroysgeshlepn from there, even iberbeysn. He did his work with love, with a holy zeal. Immediately he carved out not even a gbirishe ceration, but in contrast a holy ark. ... This avatar, the drive to creativity, passed to his children from him, for Avraham's younger brother, Zakaharia, although in other ways, and also in the end it came to the theatre."

Saktsier recalls that in his childhood Z. ran away with a circus. He was a brilliant dancer. He didn't play badly several musical instruments, and his character forms in the theatre were full flavor. He married a 'straw widow' (deserted wife), who was also a member of the troupe of the two brothers, who stopped for a long time, when not a disease between the two sisters-in-law, Liza Bunovka (Zakharia's wife) and Mintze (Avraham's wife), as to who should play the title role in "Diseased Soldier." This managed to cause a breakup of the brother-troupe partnership.

Subsequently Z. performed with other Yiddish troupes. During the Second World War, he was evacuated in the Soviet Union and died from typhus in Samarkand.

His wife lives in Beltz, and his daughter the former actress Gina Zlotaya, married the former actor and current Jazz player Simon Leibowitz, who also lives in Beltz, where she works in a tailor's shop.

Sh. E. from Julian Schwartz.

  • Motl Saktsier-- Der yikhes-boym, "Azoy lebn mir," Moscow, 1964, pages 215-235.






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Adapted from the original Yiddish text found within the  "Lexicon of the Yiddish Theatre" by Zalmen Zylbercweig, Volume 5, page 4338.

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