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Volume 8



Eugenia Brenda



B. was born in Zrenjanin, Serbia on 2 September 1973.

She developed a yearning for the stage after attending many of the performances staged at the Romanian State Jewish Theatre of Bucharest..

She states: "I chose to become an actress from the great desire to cherish the joy and the love from my soul!"

B. studied acting in Bucharest, at the Institute of Theatre and Film "Ion Luca Caragiale", with professors Florin Zamfirescu and Doru Ana. She graduated from the Institute in 1996.

She studied Yiddish from 2006 until 2008 in London at the Jewish Music Institute.

In 2011 she also studied Yiddish in Brussels, Belgium at the Institut d'Etudes du Judaisme (Institut Martin Buber).

B. debuted in 1998 as "Chava" in the musical "Fiddler on the Roof", which was directed by Harry Eliad at Bucharest's State Jewish Theatre.

She has appeared in many theatrical productions and television programs in Romania since the beginning of her career.

B. has performed in the following roles at the State Jewish Theatre in Bucharest:

  • 1998. Chava - "The Fiddler on The Roof", by Joseph Stein, Jerry Bock, Sheldon Harnick, director Harry Eliad

  • 1999. Ester  - "The Chaloimes Sellers ", author  Sholem Aleichem, director Harry Eliad

  • 2000. Jessica - "Shylock", by Arnold Wesker, director Grigore Gonta

  • 2000. Wally - "Uite tata, nu e tata", by  Franz Arnold, Ernst Bach, director Ion Lucian

  • 2001.  Albert - "Stolen Happiness", by Jacob Gordin, director Moshe Yassur , performed in Yiddish with Romanian translation

  • 2001. Tirele - "Episodes from a town with stupid [people]", by Moshe Gershenzon, director Moshe Yassur, performed in Yiddish with Romanian translation

  • 2001. The Princess - " Le Chat Botté ", by Charles Perrault, director Boris Petroff

  • 2002. Sosha - "The Book of Ruth", by Mario Diament, director Moshe Yassur, performed in Yiddish with Romanian translation

  • 2002. Cinderella - "Cinderella ", by Charles Perrault, director  Boris Petroff

  • 2002. Franziska - "The Story of a Private Bank", by Friedrich Durrenmatt, director Kincses Elemer, performed in Yiddish, with Romanian translation

  • 2003. The Clown -  "Pînza de păianjen", by Sergiu Anghel, director Sergiu Anghel

  • 2004. Anne Frank -"Direct from Amsterdam, Anne Frank!", by Alexander Hausvater, director Alexander Hausvater

  • 2006. Sheine Shendl - "The Novel of a Business Man ", by Sholem Aleichem, director Harry Eliad, performed in Yiddish with Romanian translation

  • 2006. Consuella - "He Who Gets Slapped", by Leonid Andreev, director Kincses Elemer

  • 2007. Anica - "Carre de asi, cu valet", by I. Valjan, director Harry Eliad, performed in Romanian

  • 2008. Ethel - "Wedding and Divorce", by Sholem Aleichem, director Dan Tudor, performed in Yiddish with Romanian translation

  • 2008. Recha - "Nathan The Wise", by G. E. Lessing, director Grigore Gonta, performed in Romanian

  • 2009. Sheindale - "Efros Dynasty ", by Jacob Gordin, director Kincses Elemer, performed in Yiddish with Romanian translation

  • 2009. 0 Tirele - "The Wise Men of Chelm, by Moshe Gershenzon, director Dan Tudor, performed in Yiddish with Romanian translation

  • 2010. Ghenendel - "Teibale and Her Demon", by Isaac Bashevis-Singer, Eve Friedman, director Szabo K. Istvan, performed in Yiddish with Romanian translation

  • 2010. Anne - "Key for Two", by  John Chapman, Dave Freeman, director Dan Tudor, performed in Romanian

  • 2011. Ghitele - "A Jewish King Lear", by Jacob Gordin, director Grigore Gonta, performed in Yiddish with Romanian translation

Collaboration with independent theatres

  • 2000. Cultural French Institute - Bucharest (roles in three performances, created during a competition of young French playwrights) 

  • 2008. Zoe - "O scrisoare pierduta", I.L. Caragiale, director Grigore Gonta

 B. also has appeared on Romanian television in the following:

  •  1997. "Gasca de aur", director Radu Popovici

  • 1998. "Privighetoarea fermecata", director Radu Popovici

  • 1998. "Frumoasa din padurea adormita", director  Radu Popovici

  • "Ulita spre Europa", serial TVR

  • "Un place parmi les vivants", director Raoul Ruiz, Atlantis Film

  • "Catarina cea Mare", Castel Film

  • "Incubus", Castel Film

Here are some theatre critiques about her performances:

  •  “(…) the shrew daughter-in-law Sheyndele (…) seems very Chekovian”. Montreal Gazette, Pat Connelly, about “Efros Dynasty".

  • “In the role (…) of the daughter (…)  who lusts for money and scuffles (…), Geni Brenda (Ghitele), avoids forced  exaggerations in diverse situations and  convincingly the profile of the character (…) “ Ileana Lucaciu, about “The Jewish King Lear” blogspot.

  • “(...) Geni Brenda (Ghenedl) (…) very good, detached as confident, as an adviser, but also partner of a dangerous erotic game. (by Natalia Stancu about “Teibele and Her Demon” - The Jewish Reality)

  • "Geni Brenda proves important temperamentally and [with] playful energy – as Anne, the extroverted friend, without refinements, but full of ideas for saving the appearances.”The Jewish Reality, about "Ket for Two” and the feasts of the farce at State Jewish Theatre” (by Natalia Stancu about “Key for Two” -The Jewish Reality)

  • “The most credible performance seems to be Geni Brenda’s as Anne (…)” – by Delia Marc, about “Key for Two”.

  • “(…) full with verve, humor and  temper is Geni Brenda (as Anne) …” -- by Mircea M. Ionescu about “Key for Two”.

  • “(…) The audience meet in “Wise Men Of Chelm” with (…) the daring sensuality and sexuality, always triumphant: Tzirele (Geni Brenda). By Natalia Stancu, The Jewish Reality about “The Wise Men of Chelm”.

  • “Geni Brenda suggests a delicate, sensible Recha, who with rapidity changes into ingenuity and obedience to absolute decisions and firm gestures and who lives passionately her desire. “ By Natalia Stancu, about “Nathan The Wise”, The Jewish Reality, 2008.”

  • "All the appreciation deserves also Geni Brenda, who creates minutely, colorfully and exuberantly the mask of Ghitel’s duplicity, a mask that can’t succeed to hide obtuseness, the smugness, the arrogance and the cruelty (...)” By Natalia Stancu about ” The Jewish King Lear”, The Jewish Reality, 2012.

Important theatre tours:

  • 2009 and 2011 at The Montreal International Theatre Festival, Canada.

  • 2010 Nine Gates Festival of Czech-German-Jewish culture, Prague.


Sh. E. and Sh. E. from Edith Negulici.






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