Lives in the Yiddish Theatre
Volume 8



Marius Calugarita


Born on 3 November 1977 in Bucharest, Romania. His father is the actor Nicolae (Nae) Calugarita, who performs for the Romanian State Jewish Theatre.




Studies: 1996-2000 The Ecologic University, section Acting, professors: Constantin Codrescu, Vlad Rădescu, Doru Ana

2000 license in acting at The National University of Theatre and Film I.L.Caragiale, Bucharest

      8. What roles did you perform during your artistic career?

       State Jewish Theatre

      Roles: 2002- Frank  the 6th- ‘’The Story of A Private Bank’’ by  Fr. Durrenmatt , director Kinckes Elemer,  

        Boris – ‘’The Book of Ruth’’ by Mario Diament, director Moshe Yassur,

                        Samuel – ‘’Stolen Happiness” by Jacob Gordin , director Moshe Yassur,

                        2003- Winkler – ‘’Weekend in Paradise’’ by Arnold and Bach, director Matei Alexandru,

                        2004 – Ahasuerus –‘’Estera’’, a musical by Octavian Sava, director Dominik Dembinski,

                                    Peteer van Daan –‘’Direct from Amsterdam...Anne Frank!’’, director Alexander Hausvater,

                        2005 – Knacknisl -‘’The Novel of a Businessman’’, after Sholem Aleichem, director Harry Eliad,

                       2006     - Tilly – ‘’He Who Gets Slapped’’, by Leonid Andreyev, director Kincses Elemer,

                       2007 – The Devil –‘’Ghimpl Tam’’,  by I. B. Singer, director Moshe Yassur,

                         2008 – The Knight Templar – ‘’Nathan The Wise’’ by G. E. Lessing,

                                     Iosale – ‘’Efros Dynasty’’ –by Jacob Gordin, director Kincses Elemer,

                        2010  - Tvika –‘’The Puppeteer’’ by Gilles Segal, director Alexander Hausvater,

                                     Hoizik –‘’Wise Men of Chelm’’, director Dan Tudor,

                                2012  -Bernard –‘’Der Unbekanter’’,  by Jacob Gordin , director Kincses Elemer,

10. Did you perform on other stages than State Jewish Theatre? If yes, where?

         Theatre Nottara  2000 - Mircea Aldea  -‘’Gaiţele ‘’ by Al. Kiriţescu,director Constantin Codrescu

         Teatrul Mic   2001 -Student –‘’Wit’ by   M. Edson , director Cătălina Buzoianu

         Un Teatru  - 2011- Mihai Renescu- “’The beautiful trip of Panda bears, told by a saxophonist who has a girlfriend in Frankfurt ‘’ , director Cătălina Buzoianu

Collaborations: at the radiophonic theatre from Romanian Radiodifusion

                                ’I was an enemy of the people’’
                                ‘’The old radio’’
                                ‘’,Constantin the Great’’
                                 ,,Limir Emperor’’
                                 ,,Francesca da Rimini
                                 ,,Greul p
                                 ,,The story of beautiful Elise’’
roua ri feciorul de impă
                                 ,,The bison'
s star’’
                                 ,,The chess table’’
                                 ,,The story of the maid Gudrun’’
                                 ,,The story
of the pig’’
                                 ,,The man facing history
at the Noise of the Fury’’, nominee at UNITER Prizes 

  Roles in  tv commercials: Connex, Noroc, Rompetrol

Prizes and distinctions:  Prize for the best performance – ‘’The beautiful trip of Panda bears, told by a saxophonist who has a girlfriend in Frankfurt’’ –The International Festival of Studio Theatre, Piteşti, 2011

12. Did  you perform in films? If yes, in what film, what roles?

‘’ Terminus Paradis’’, director L.Pintilie
‘’ Napoleon’s life’’  documentary RTL
‘’Exchange’’ director  N.Margineanu
‘’Space Race’’  director  Mark Everest ,BBC

Special Festival Tours: 2009, 2011 The Montreal International Yiddish Theatre Festival

                                          2010 Prague Nine Gates Festival of Czech Jewish Theatre

Theatre critiques about his performances:

‘’Convincing is also Marius Călugăriţa – „Iosale” (effigy of lack of personality and sexual instinct’s pressure), whose fault is not forgiven by late regrets’’ (about Efros Diansty, by  Natalia Stancu, The Jewish Reality, 2009)

‘’ Words of appreciation deserves the puppeteer’s team – Marius Călugărița (…)dances with verve,  involves in suggestion the relations between characters.  se Actors find support also in the fantastic music created by  Yves Chamberland, music that follows all the time the performance, becoming a character itself. ‘’ (about ‘’The Pupeteer’’, by Ileana Lucaciu, 2010)

‘’The group of young performers enhances energy and humor by the saraband gags. Some rely on good faith and purity, unfair and grossly misinterpreted by the public: Hoizik (Marius Călugăriţa)‘’ (about ‘’Wise Men of Chelm’’, by Natalia Stancu, The Jewish Reality, 2010)

‘’Marius Călugăriţa adds to the realistic interpretation elements of pantomime, destinated to show, consistently, the absurd, presented only in the end .’’(about ‘’The beautiful trip of Panda bears, told by a saxophonist who has a girlfriend in Frankfurt’’ by Daria Dimiu, Theatre Today, 2011)‘

Sh. E. and Sh. E. from Edith Negulici.






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