Lives in the Yiddish Theatre
Volume 8



Nicolae Calugarita


Born in Romania, his stage name is Nae Calugarita. His son, Marius, also acts in the Romanian State Jewish Theatre.

C. studied at the Institute of Theatre and Film “ I. L. Caragiale”, Bucharest, Romania, graduating in 1973. His professors included George Dem Loghin, Dem Rădulescu and Adriana Piteşteanu.

Since 1982, C. has been an actor at the State Jewish Theatre, Bucharest. His roles have included the following:

"Morice", in ‘’Să ne răbunăm, iubito‘’ by G. Feydeau, director  Constantin Dinischiotu, "Metrocle", in ‘’Diogene the Dog ‘’ by D. Solomon, director  George Teodorescu, "Berl Aparu", in ‘’The Singer of his Sorrows’’ by Osip Dymov, director  Adrian Lupu,
"Comisarul", in ‘’Comedy of a Tragedy’’ by Franz Werfel, director Adrian Lupu, "Ionel", in ‘’The Gates of the Forest‘’ by Elie Wiesel, director  Dinu Cernescu, "Stephan", in ‘’Charlie’s Aunt’’ by Thomas Brandon, director Cornel Todea, "Don Rodriguez", in ‘’The Jewish Woman from Toledo’’ by Al. Mirodan, director George Teodorescu,


"Moritz", in ‘’The Coffee Shop’’ by Isaac Bashevis Singer, director Theodor Cristian Popescu, "Reb Bashevi", in ‘’The Golem” by  H. Leivick, director Cătălina Buzoianu, "Mordhe", in ‘’Fiddler on the Roof’’, by Bock, Stein and Harnik, director Harry Eliad, "Dem", in "O farmacie cu nebuni‘’ by H. Eliad after E. Labiche, director Harry Eliad, "Bogart", in ‘’How to Seduce Women”  by  W. Allen, director  Adrian Lupu,

C. also acted here in the role of "Michael", in "The Dybbuk" by S. Anski, director Cătălina Buzoianu, "Wimmer", in ‘’Uite tata, nu e tata’’ by Arnold and Bach, director Ion Lucian, "Soloveicki", in ‘’Des groyse gevins’’ (The Big Winner)’’ by Sholem Aleichem, director Harry Eliad, "The Doge of Venice", in ‘’Shylock’’ by Arnold Wesker, director Grigore Gonţa, "Holoveske",in ‘’Vânzătorii de haloimes’’ by Sholem Aleichem, director Harry Eliad, "Gregor", in ‘’Kreutzer Sonata", in J. Gordin, director Moshe Yassur, "Dinu", in ‘’The Sentimental Thief’’ by T. Popescu, director  Ion Lucian, "George", in ‘’Out of Order’’ by Ray Cooney, director  Constantin Dinischiotu, "Pauli", in ‘’The Story Of A Private Bank’’ (Frank al V-Iea) by  Fr .Dürrenmatt, director Kincses Elemer, "Hoizick", in ‘’Wise Men of Chelm’’ by M. Ghershenzon, director Moshe Yassur, "The Man L", in "The Book of Ruth’’ by Mario Diament, director Moshe Yassur, "Mr. X", in ‘’The Cobweb’’ by Sergiu Anghel, "Von Giersdorf", in ’Weekend in Heaven‘’ by Franz Arnold and  Ernst Bach, director  Matei Alexandru, "Haman", in ‘’Estera’’, a musical  by Octavian Sava and Marius Ţeicu, director Dominic Dembinski, "Otto Frank", in “Direct from Amsterdam: Anne Frank!” by Alexander Hausvater, director Alexander Hausvater, "Paul Kovac", in ‘’Carre de aşi cu valet’’. a musical comedy by  I. Valjan, director Harry Eliad., "Popov, Spencer Weissfeld, Doctor", in ‘’The Puppeteer’’ by Gilles Segal, director Alexander Hausvater, "Groislik", in ‘’Yiches’’ by Sholem Asch.

C. has also acted in other theatres:

Between 1973 and 1975, C. performed at the Theatre Mihai Eminescu, in Botosani, Romania. His roles were:

"Radu Cluceru", in ‘’The Reverse of the Medal‘’ by I. D. Sârbu, "Mircea Basarab", in ‘’Vlaicu Vodă’’ by AI. Davila, "The Blue Emperor", in "The Beauty Without Body" by V. Hălmu, "Liviu Maza", in "Sunrise, Sunset" by Suzana Ciortea, "Stefanita", in "Mira", by M. Eminescu, "Mihai Cristescu", in "The Last Ride" by H. Lovinescu, and "Rudi", in "The Red Passion" by M. Sorbul.

In the span of years between 1875 and 1982, he acted in the State Theatre in Sibi. His roles included:

"Filippo", in
‘’Căsătorie prin concurs’’ by C. Goldoni, Mircea Basarab", in "Vlaicu Vodă‘’ by Al. Davila, "Aliosa", in "Young Married Couple Looking for their First House‘’ by M.Rosciu, "Silviu", in "There, Far Away" by Mircea Ştefănescu, "The Emperor of Bizance", in "The Cold" by Marin Sorescu, and "Stamatescu", in "Titanic Vals", by T. Muşatescu.

C. has also collaborated in poetry recitals, radiophonic theatre, entertainment shows, and various pedagogical activity.

He has also taught at the Institute of Theatre and Film in Bucharest.

He won an award for the best supporting role of "Stamatescu", in ‘’Titanic Vals’’ by T. Muşatescu, Botoşani, 1982. He also won the National Order, ‘’Pentru Merit’,’ as a Knight of Honour in 2002.

12. Did  you perform in films? If yes, in what film, what roles?

 C.'s film roles include that of "National Society President" in  “Amen”, 2002, director Costa Gravas, was the "Procurer" in the film "Examen" (2003), director Titus Muntean. In film for television, "Curajul de a o lua de la capăt", Un teatru viu (film de autor – scenariu, imagine, regie). He was also the voice for the television channel TVR International.

Special festival tours include the 2009 Montreal International Yiddish Theatre Festival, and the 2010 Prague Nine Gates Festival of Czech Jewish Theatre.

Here are various critiques about C.'s theatre performances:

‘’The cast is harmoniously  accomplished thanks to the special artistic contributions  of (…) Nicolae Călugăriţa and (…)Marius Călugăriţa. Each of them has his own scene where he highlights his personality’’ (about ‘’The Novel of a Businessman’’, by Ileana Lucaciu, 2008)

’The actor Nicolae Călugăriţa conscientiously creates four characters’’.(about "The Puppeteer", by Ileana Lucaciu, 2009)

‘’The appreciation refers of course to Nicolae Călugăriţa (who has the elegance and distinction, gravity and mystery as Bogart) -- about ‘’How to Seduce Women’’ by Natalia Stancu, The Jewish Reality, 2010’’.

‘’ ... at the success of the performance "Yiches" the whole team contributes, with a special mention for actor Nicolae Călugăriţa’’ (by Marina Roman, 2011).

‘’At the success of the comedy Nicolae Călugăriţa also contributes, who insists about the hypocrisy and the falsity of Potar "L’affaire de la rue Lourcine’’ by Natalia Stancu, The Jewish Reality, 2012

Sh. E. and Sh. E. from Edith Negulici.






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