Lives in the Yiddish Theatre
Volume 8



Leonie Waldman Eliad


Born on 24 January 1932 in Bucharest, Romania.


was born

She  performed in:

’Uriel Acosta’’, by Karl Gutzkow, director Grigore Gonta

‘’The Book of Ruth’’, by Mario Diament director Moshe Yassur, performed in Yiddish, with Romanian translation

 ‘’Dibuk’’, by S. Anski, director Cătălina Buzoianu

‘’Efros Dinasty’’, by Jacob Gordin, director Kincses Elemer, performed in Yiddish, with Romanian translation

‘’Direct from Amsterdam: Anne Franck!’’ by Alexander Hausvater

‘’Stolen Happiness’’ (Sonata Kreutzer), by Jacob Gordin, director Moshe Yassur

‘’Des Groyse Gevins’’  (The Big Winner), by Sholem Aleichem

‘’The Magician from Lublin’’, by I. B. Singer ,director Catalina Buzoianu, performed in Yiddsih  with Romanian translation

‘’Wedding and Divorce’’, musical by Sholem Aleichem, director Dan Tudor, 2010 performed in Yiddish, with Romanian translation

‘’ Wise Men of Chelm’’, musical comedy by Moishe Ghershenzon

’The Novel of a businessman’’, musical comedy after Shalom Alechem

’Vânzătorii de Haloimes ’’ by Sholem Aleichem,1999

’The Jewish King Lear’’ by Jacob Gordin, director Grigore Gonta, performed in Yiddish, with Romanian translation (2012)

 Recitals of Yiddish folksongs  ‘’Sing Mit Mir A Lied’’ that became a gramophone record with the same title.

Important theatre tours

2009 and 2011 The Montreal International Yiddish Theatre Festival

2010 Prague Nine Gates Festival of Czech Jewish Culture

Theatre critiques abour her theatre  performances : 

“(…)Leonie Waldman Eliad  with  distinction  to  judge Dvosie’s attitudes towards Menachem’s unconventional  family.“ (Ileana Lucaciu about ‘’The Novel  of a Businessman’’)

In ‘’Wedding with Divorce’’(…)the Musical Story Teller has solistic moments, carefully highlighted ‘’ (Alice Georgescu,  Ziarul de duminică, 2008)

 ‘’Also, a special interpretation  of  Leonie Waldman Eliad (Mirele Efros), especially in the famous musical piece “ Yiddishe Mame”  (Pat Donnelly,  Montreal Gazette, 24 June 2009)

’The talent and the experience  proves the success of her performing.  Impressive, Leonie Waldman Eliad confers to Mirale her well known distinction and elegance, enforcing a rational heroine who assumes lucidly, from generosity, the drastic act. A strong, matronly, balanced personality, reserved in exteriorizations, able to get beyond  humiliations and affronts, to suffer in silence.’’(Efros Dinasty, by Natalia Stancu, The Jewish Reality, 2010).

   ‘’The cast is dominated  by the contribution of this Great Lady of Yiddish Theatre, a lady of great and constant quality, Leonie  Waldman Eliad. Her  role “Mirale Efros” was  acquired, lived in all complexities , nuances and  convincingly shown.But Mrs. Leonie is also a brilliant Yiddish  actress. ‘’A Yiddishe Mame’’ is a  jewel of her reportory diadem.‘’ (Bruckmaier, Familia, 2010.)

            ‘’The actress  Leonie Waldman Eliad is fragile for a world not always friendly and yet srong, because she must lead her son to  God. She knows how to  tender, but also severe.” (“The Magician from Lublin’’, by Marina Roman, 2010)

 ‘’The audience meet in “Wise Men Of  Chelm” with the grace of Leonie Waldman Eliad, who is passing with  unexpected freshness from dialogue to lyrical and rhythmic expression’’(‘’Wise Men Of Chelm‘’ by Natalia Stancu, The Jewish Reality 2010)

       ‘’ The success of the performance is accomplished by the credible description  of the  characters (…) Having  a good presence in expressing her gestures, Leonie Waldman Eliad defines the agitations of Chana, wife of David’’ (by Ileana Lucaciu,2012)

 ‘’Words of praise deserves Leonie Waldman Eliad, too –very convincing as the respectable and  ‘’stoic’’ Chana (by Natalia Stancu The Jewish Reality, 2012)


Sh. E. and Sh. E. from Edith Negulici.






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