Lives in the Yiddish Theatre
Volume 8



Monica Wardimon


Monica was born in Romania. A singer of unique capabilities, she has a three-octave range.

She is a graduate of the Bucharest Academy for Music and Acting, under the direction of Edmond Dede, where she developed her career as a singer, appearing often on stage, television, and radio.

The greatest Romanian songwriters wrote songs for her, which she sang and received first prizes at various festivals (such as the first prize at the 1974 Mamia Festival). She appeared at numerous events and receptions held by the dictator Ceausescu. Among others, she appeared before Yigal Alon during his visit to Bucharest.

She immigrated to Israel in 1976, completing her studies here at the Yiddish Acting Studio near the Nisan Nativ Studio. She received first prize at two Yiddish festivals held in Israel. During the years 1977-8, she performed across the world as a successful singer (France, Germany, Australia, Italy, Austria, Lithuania, and Poland), with Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, Dudu Fisher, and many others. She appeared on Broadway in New York in the plays: "A Match Made in Heaven," directed by Yankele Alperin; "Schmitz' Daughters," alongside Ben Bonus. She received enthusiastic reviews everywhere.


The New York Daily News wrote:

"Monica brings to the role a powerful voice, like that of Ethel Merman, but with greater nuances and color." (Ethel Merman was an American actress and singer, a great star of the golden age of Broadway musicals).

Wardimon is a steady actress at the Yiddishpiel Theatre since 1996, appearing in most of its performances (more than fifty plays). Among them: "The Romanian Wedding," "Yashke Musikant," "The Parry Sisters," "The Megillah," "Gebirtig," "The Cantor of Vilna," and many others.

In 2006 she put out a disc in Yiddish which was a success.

She is the Pollack Fund Prize Laureate for 2008 as Actress of the Year. 

Sh. E. from the Yiddishpiel.






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Biography courtesy of the Yiddishpiel, the Yiddish Theatre in Israel.

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