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The Translations of Leo Dashefsky



You can read English translation of poems written by some of the more popular and well-known Yiddish writers within this exhibition, courtesy of the late Leo Dashefsky z"l who produced each one of the translations that are being made available to you here.

The poems listed are but a small number of the total of poems translated by Leo Dashefsky; perhaps more will be made available for your perusal in the future.

Currently, you may read a short biography of each of the poets, as well as one or more of their translations. The original Yiddish is not included here, though if anyone possesses a copy of a particular poem in Yiddish, it may be  sent to the Museum via e-mail so that it may be added alongside the English translation.  If you have the original Yiddish-language version, please contact the Museum at

Please read the lovely dedication of Leo's daughter Batya which is being presented to you as  a PowerPoint presentation.



(Der Gemara nign)

by Avraham Reisen

Why do you grieve by the Gemara

Pallid Kloiznik, Kloiznik dear,

And your sobbing melody

Overflows my heart with fear!

Moistened are my eyes,

And they are filled with tears;

Pallid Kloiznik, Kloiznik dear

Say what happened here.

Are you homesick for

Mom and dad, brother, sister,

For without them you are like

A ship without a rudder.

Or on the "day" at Leib's

You waited long indeed

Until he said: "Well, lad,

Take the quart and wash your hands before you eat."

Or perhaps you are just shy

Stranger's bread to eat -- your plight.

And with blood and hot tears

You swallow every bite.

Or perhaps you're short a Monday

As you had often said:

Not once upon a bench

You hungry went to bed.

And you recall it now

But you cannot bear it though,

And to Rov and Rabbi Popo

You relate your woe.

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