Liza Barska-Fisher and her Roles



"Liza Barska-Fisher had a beautiful voice for singing and also had a capacity for the stage. In her beginnings
 (soon after her arrival to the stage) she had been given roles, and over time she became a useful character actress
in the Yiddish theatre. Liza Barska was very much a lively and friendly person. Collegial, cheerful
and always with a smile on her face, all who worked with her had loved her very much."

Jonas Turkow, "Farloshene shtern", Volume 1, Buenos Aires, 1953.





Liza Barska-Fisher in Solomon Ettinger's "Serkele" Warszawa, Poland



  Listen to Liza singing
"Wieg Lied von Joschke Muzykant
(Lullaby from 'Yoshke Musikant')",
followed by the song "...Jenke Dudel,"
cir 1913.


Liza Barska-Fisher in "Rumanian" role






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