Harry in Ensemble

Harry's professional career is often remembered in anecdote. Here are some that are told by his family:

As an aristocrat from Europe, Harry was all dressed up in tails (on stage) with a sash across his chest. He had a cigarette in a holder, but had nothing to light it with except a kitchen match. He started to panic and the prompter whispered, "In she-ech" (shoe), so he lit the match on his shoe and the house came down.

One actress in a scene was busily straightening up the house -- she was very busy, her hands flying here and there, tidying up -- and she was hardly paying any attention to the star when he came on. He got so mad at her, he said in Yiddish, "I see you're very busy. I'll come back another time." And he left the stage!

Harry was still dabbling in the theatre cir 1947. One morning Michael Michelesko came to the door and said that one of the actors had an appendicitis attack, and they needed Harry to come to a rehearsal so he could play the matinee that afternoon. He did the show.








Harry Jordan (back row, right),
with Berta Gerstin (front row, left),
Sam and Bertie Schragel et al,
troupe and location unknown,
cir 1920s


Harry Jordan (back row, second from right), with Boris Thomashefsky (center). and Gartner Theatrical Company, Chicago, Illinois,
cir 1925






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