David Pinski's 70th Jubilee


On 30 October 1942, a performance was held for at the Second Avenue Theatre, located in lower Manhattan on Second Avenue and Second Street, in celebration of Pinski's seventh "jubilee", i.e. birthday. The production was of one of Pinski's most famous plays, "Der oytser (The Treasure)". The cast was replete with many well-known Yiddish stars, all guest-starring for this one night in honor of the famed author, e.g. Menasha Skulnik, Annie Thomashefsky, Miriam Kressyn, Mark Schweid, Julius Adler, Jacob Mestel et al.






"Der oyster (The Treasure)", a four-act satirical comedy, is about Yudke (Schweid), a half-witted son of a grave digger named Chone (Skulnik) who happens to discover a few gold coins in the earth where he buries his dead dog. He gives the coins to his sister (Kressyn), and her subsequent expenditures create rumors of a sudden family wealth. She spreads the word around town about this buried treasure.... Then fortune hunters appear from throughout the village. A neighbor claims that the coins was found on his property, and when he discovers otherwise, he not only loses his job but his home too. Yudke's daughter gains a suitor through the finery that she first purchased with the discovered coins....







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