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Zalmen Zylbercweig Receives an Award
on air from the Los Angeles City Council


Due to the extraordinary volume and breadth of his work, Zylbercweig received numerous awards throughout his lifetime. One such award was bestowed upon him in 1959 by the Los Angeles City Council. This award was given to him not only for his work on the "Lexicon", but also for the body of his life's work, all of which contributed greatly to the preservation of both Jewish history and culture.

Here you can hear an audio recording of this awards ceremony.
The recording comes to you in four parts in sequential order, and is in an mp3 format:

photo, above: Graphic design representing the "Leksikon fun yidishn teater". Drawing of playwrights Jacob Gordin, bottom left, and Abraham Goldfaden, upper right.

Please be patient while the radio program downloads.
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An introduction to the Awards ceremony
as spoken by Zylbercweig's wife Celia, in English:

My Dear Listeners, Friends,

Today, in our studio, we are gathering for a wonderful event.

A few people who represent different organizations are here today, in order to pay tribute to my husband Zalmen Zylbercweig, for his work and dedication to the Jewish community and to the completion of the third volume of the "Lexicon of the Yiddish Theatre".

Not only is the celebration among the Jewish community here in Los Angeles, but for the first time the City Council of Los Angeles is recognizing a Jewish writer, a correspondent and radio personality who on a daily basis connects with thousands of listeners who await news of our country, of Israel, Europe and the entire world.

I am sure that even though you are here with us in the studio, you are delighted to learn of this tribute and are proud of the fact that a Jewish writer has achieved such recognition.

We know how you feel about us, and how dedicated you are to our daily program. We appreciate your love and respect.

Celia Zylbercweig




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