Esta and Dave on the Silver Screen





Partial cast: Back row, l. to r.: Muni Serebrov, Dave Lubritsky, Leo Fuchs, Louis Waldman, Sam Gertler. Front row, l. to r.: Hannah Hollander, Esta Salzman, Yetta Zwerling, Rose Greenfield.


Left to righ: Dave Lubritsky, Isidore Cashier, Rose Greenfield and Esta Salzman.

  Best guess, l. to r.: Berta Gerstin, Esta Salzman, Max Bozyk, Joshua Zeldis, Michal Michalesko, Leon Shachter, Shifra Lerer and Lucy Gehrman.  

"Love and Sacrifice"

"I Want to be a Mother"

"The Jewish Melody"

"God, Man and Devil"




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